How Lacta aligned timing and context to sell all the stock

With the raising of small producers of Easter eggs, many traditional chocolate brands have lost their market share at this time of the year. Considering it, Lacta joined @americanascom for an action at the reality show #BBB21, with the aim to generate traffic to their website and conversation into sales. Guess what? People from Twitter ensured the success of the campaign.


The importance of connecting with what is happening


In a study conducted by Twitter, it was found that cultural relevance represents almost ¼ of the consumer purchase decision process. That means that aligning your brand with moments and cultural trendings, events and social issues, can generate great results in the sales funnel. And Lacta followed closely this tip when connecting with the topic of the moment: the #BBB21.

Announced as the “Big of the Bigs”*, this edition of Big Brother Brazil is really giving something to talk on the couch and on Twitter timeline. If on #BBB20, we reached 271M Tweets about the entire edition, we can guarantee that #BBB21 has already surpassed that mark in the second month of transmission.

Besides the great numbers, this year the reality show brought passionate fans and important issues that became a daily talk on Twitter. Only in the first week, we saw a record of Tweets about the program and the conversations related to exceeded the volume of topics like music, sports and politics. For that reason, brands have taken the opportunity to connect with their audience within relevant themes to the reality show fans


"This Lacta action releases the new content approach of Mondelez in Brazil. A more relational and less advertising approach. We redefined our social approach and restructured our entire content team earlier this year. Now, we have a team that works as an extension of the Mondelez team, turning any and all manifestations of our brands, into dialogue opportunities with our consumers.  A team that is formed by members of our two agencies (David & Leo) but it’s united under a single ambition: to create continuous and delicious conversations with our consumers. We are very happy with this case as it marks the release of our new content hub. And hub is called: “Snack Talk! It’s delicious when it’s always on!”

Gab Fernandes | BU Digital Experience Lead

mentions to the brand on the action day at BBB

Oreo Lacta Triple Layer egg stock totally sold out

sales growth in the online store, in comparison with last year

place among the most commented brands of BBB in the easter week

Listen and join the conversation just at the right time


After the "Angel Challenge", a contest that gives to one of the participants the power of immunity, sponsored by and Lacta, the participant Juliette Freire made a positive comment about one of the brand’s easter eggs: the Oreo Lacta Triple Layer. Meanwhile, on Twitter, Lacta was extremely agile and smart in reinforcing Juliette’s comment on the timeline right after she spoke on the program. This action caught the fans attention, who wanted to try the same easter egg that Juliette liked so much (seizing opportunities quickly is EVERYTHING in times of Big Brother Brazil!)


As from this connection with the fans and taking advantage of this conversation buzz, Lacta released an exclusive discount coupon for Twitter, for the Cactus (Juliette’s fandom nickname), and all the other fandoms of #BBB21 who saw that Tweet could buy an Oreo Lacta Triple Layer with a special price.

The result? Fans of #BBB21 on Twitter sold out the stocks from the so-called “Juliette’s easter egg”. The success was so great that the stock needed to be restocked twice in the same day and in a matter of hours the product sold out again. To keep up with conversation and impulse more sales after the stock’s sold out, the brand started to release its other flavors.

In the same week, Lacta appeared in 4th place among the most mentioned brand inside the #BBB21 conversation.

After this success, Lacta continued its Easter campaign on Twitter with the action #HalfEgg*, in partnership with ArtHouse, bringing creators to play Secret Santa with the brand’s easter eggs and show their gifts on the timeline. The dynamic featured influencers such as Luisa Sonza, Rafa Uccma, LaddyNada e Lucas Guedez. In their Tweets, they shared special discount codes so that their followers could buy eggs and gift their #HalfEgg too.

"Here at Mondelez, we always have the consumer in first place and this reflects in our entire communication and media strategy. We believe in creating real relationships between our brands and people, evolving from the classic model of ad campaign for living ecosystems which allows a two-way street, a real dialogue that enables us to understand, learn and deliver benefits that really matter to who, like us, love snacks. This project expresses our vision: we connect TV actions with the Digital, we participate in the Twitter conversation and create exclusive offers for those who want to delight themselves with Lacta easter eggs, connecting media, content and commerce. We are very proud of all the Mondelez’s teamwork and partners involved in this case and we are sure that we will have much more to celebrate this year. "

Pedro Studart | Media Head of Mondelez

The Lacta + #BBB21 case on Twitter shows the capacity of sales conversion when a brand finds its most receptive and engaged online audience, and uses the timing and context in its own favor to drive its goals.


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