Case Study

Volkswagen Canada drives awareness of its compact SUV

Key results

The opportunity

Volkswagen Canada () saw the opportunity to combine traditional and digital media to drive awareness of its high-performance compact SUV, the . The automaker wanted to widen its audience by enhancing the second-screen experience and sparking conversations with car lovers.

The strategy

By running a 30-second ad that highlighted the “Unforgettable” VW experience during the live TV broadcast of the NHL Playoffs, the automaker was able to show the power of its compact SUV among a broad audience. and Twitter partnered to create a custom Twitter Card that engaged audiences with an interactive experience, allowing them to personalize a without leaving the platform. To maximize reach among car and sports enthusiasts, used interest keywords and TV conversation targeting.

Use Twitter tools to engage the audience.

By partnering with Twitter, was able to develop an innovative campaign that used a customized Twitter Card. The brand created an interactive experience that allowed fans to configure a , right in a Tweet, and share their personalized SUV with their followers.

Use major events to target fans.

By overlapping with a national sports event, was able to extend its reach and spark excitement among sports and auto fans alike. The brand targeted keywords like “Hockey,” “NHL Playoffs,” “Auto” and “VW” to build buzz among a relevant audience.

Extend TV ads to the second screen.

wanted to boost awareness of the and build hype on a second screen with a 30-second ad during the NHL Playoffs. The live broadcast provided an opportunity to highlight the ’s performance and agility. The brand was able to track its performance with real-time monitoring.  

The success

The campaign on Twitter significantly increased the overall perception of as an innovative brand, and delivered 10.2M impressions, exceeding the brand’s KPIs. A Nielsen Brand Effect study found a 14% gain in consumer perception of VW as an innovative brand and a 9% increase in familiarity with the .

The Twitter Configurator Card allowed us to create a synergistic experience. … We were able to see how people identified with the Tiguan. The real-time engagement allowed us to see the real conversation and sentiment around the campaign."

Jordan Gracey, Manager of Digital Marketing, Volkswagen Canada

Solutions used

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