Case Study

bets on Niche content creators to win millennial summer visitors

Key results

The opportunity

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA, ) has long drawn summer visitors by highlighting the destination’s day clubs, special events, and myriad dining, shopping, and entertainment options.

This past year,  was eager to increase visitation by sharing the appeal of summer in Las Vegas with millennials. Knowing that millennials are digital natives,  wanted to find a fresh way to connect with them on Twitter.

The strategy

 shared its message with millennials at scale by partnering with Niche (), a Twitter-owned network of social media content creators.

The benefit of working with Niche content creators is twofold:  creators are experts at creating highly engaging social media content, and they can instantly share this content with a devoted social media fan base.

“We knew that  offered the right talent to resonate with our target audience,” says Cyler Pennington, social media associate director for R&R Partners (), LVCVA's agency of record.

The team selected five Niche content creators with a penchant for good storytelling and an enthusiastic millennial following, and invited them to travel to Las Vegas to post a series of Vines and Tweets showing their unique perspective on summer in the destination.

“We wanted to create interest in Las Vegas by showing how much fun the creators were having,” explains Nick Mattera, senior director of digital engagement for . “Vine was the perfect way to connect because the short looping videos are eye-catching, shareable, and easy to create on the fly.”

Partner with Niche creators to brainstorm ideas.

started by scheduling an in-person brainstorm session with the content creators.

Together, they agreed that the content creators would each visit 10 to 15 different Las Vegas locations over a three-day period, and then over the next month share a Tweet/Vine per day.

Share authentic content.

 provided the  creators with a set of brand guidelines and a list of restaurants, pools, dayclubs, shopping centers, entertainment venues, and other attractions to visit. Each content creator was asked to geotag his or her Vines and Tweets and use the hashtag  so that millennials could easily follow their adventures.

 was careful, however, not to create too many restrictions.

Develop a long-term relationship with your audience. 

The team used Twitter’s ad retargeting capability to ensure that users who had engaged with Tweets and Vines saw fresh campaign content as soon as it was released. This enabled the brand to create and sustain a long-term relationship with its audience.

Not surprisingly, found that people who had previously engaged with a Tweet or Vine were more likely to engage with future content.

The success

Partnering with  paid off:  Tweets and Vines drove significant millennial awareness and engagement, and contributed to a year-over-year summer visitation increase of 4%.

Altogether, the campaign captured more than 92 million impressions, and the average Promoted Tweet engagement rate was 32%. The Vines generated 84 million loops and more than 1.6 million engagements.

The team

 has been the agency of record for the LVCVA for more than 40 years. The partners created the iconic “What happens here, stays here” campaign, which continues to drive record numbers of visitors to Las Vegas.

Editor’s note: The Vine Archive serves as a time capsule of all content posted to from 2013 to 2017 and the Vine Camera now allows anyone to create short looping videos and post them to Twitter.

Working with creators and using Tweets and Vines turned out to be a far more effective way to engage our target audience than traditional means. The content creators showcased the breadth of our offerings in an authentic and engaging way.

Nick Mattera (), Senior Director of Digital Engagement, LVCVA

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