Case Study

Toyota deepens its relationship with Latino millennials

Key results

The opportunity

Toyota (), the leading auto brand among U.S. Latinos for 10 years straight, wanted to deepen its relationship with an increasingly important audience: Latino millennials, who publish and interact with concert-related social content at a higher rate than other groups. took this insight and sponsored two summer music events in 2014: Chicago’s Lollapalooza and San Francisco’s Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival.

The strategy

With ’s longtime Hispanic marketing agency , Twitter became essential in strengthening the relationship with the target audience.

Our main focus was a Twitter conversation between a brand, celebrity, and fan. This tactic allowed the brand to deliver real-time surprises, which were both organic to festival noise and appropriate for fans not at the festivals."

Andy Nelson, VP, Director of Social Media/Content Production at

Also, Grammy-nominated Mexican singer-songwriter Ximena Sariñana () was the perfect campaign partner because of her social influence and status as a past performer at the festivals.

Ximena shared online highlights of her road trip from Chicago to San Francisco in a Toyota Prius, before making her final stop at the Outside Lands Festival. Fans offered their own festival experiences and participated in a one-on-one Twitter chat with Ximena, using the hashtag (“Let’s Go Places”).

For a 10-day period during the festivals, Ximena’s Tweets were whitelisted and Promoted to followers engaging with festival content.

Working with an influencer/artist like Ximena brings our story to life and authentically connects the brand with people through music. This is exactly the type of engagement we are seeking in our activations."

Florence Drakton, Manager, Social Media Strategy & Operations, Toyota

Steps to success

1. Surprise and delight your audience.

Toyota Latino () monitored conversations on Twitter throughout the 10-day period and responded in real time to fans engaging with both and the brand. “We looked at Tweets that tagged and hashtagged . When we saw an opportunity, we coordinated with Ximena to surprise and delight fans in the moment with a personalized message for them,” says Florence Drakton, manager of Toyota’s social media strategy and operations.

In one Twitter exchange, replied to a fan with a picture and a note of the user’s name. The fan was very excited, and Tweeted both and with gratitude as well as the Twitter usernames of her friends to share the news.

2.  Partner with influencers to expand your reach and engagement.

was able to own virtually all Latino social chatter surrounding the festivals by partnering with only Latino performers at the events, including popular Colombian band Bomba Estéreo () and Francisca Valenzuela (), an American-born Chilean singer-songwriter, poet and multi-instrumentalist.

also did a “Twitter takeover” of with a one-hour Twitter chat between festivals.

Fans used the hashtag to ask festival-related questions and get her personal opinion on such things as “how music is taking Latinos places.”

3. Target the right audience.

targeted Promoted Tweets to keywords such as the festival hashtags and . It also used targeting to reach users similar to the followers of such artists as . Paid media supported Tweets with dynamic and interesting content during ’s journey to the concerts.

The success

garnered 4 million impressions and 234,000 engagements on Twitter as a result of a 10-day period of social activity during Lollapalooza and Outside Lands. Twitter advocacy surpassed more than six times the benchmark, and the engagement rate was almost five times over goal. The festivals generated positive sentiment and grew ’s Twitter base by more than 1,000 organic new followers.

Solutions used

Audience targeting

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Expanding reach

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