Case Study

Toho-Towa attracts a new audience for its film by building buzz among fans

Key results

The opportunity

Toho-Towa is the Japanese distributor of the popular The Fast and The Furious movie franchise. The movies’ existing fan base in Japan covers the majority of the country’s audience for each movie. For Fast & Furious 7, released in Japan as Wild Speed: Sky Mission, Toho-Towa wanted to drive ticket sales. The brand turned to Twitter to build buzz and start conversations.

The strategy

Before the movie’s release, Toho-Towa, through , used Promoted Video to introduce the trailer. It monitored responses and created new trailers to build excitement. Toho-Towa also ran a competition using the hashtag () and encouraged users to Tweet reviews using the Promoted Trend (). A link on Promoted Tweets led users to a campaign webpage from which those who posted reviews of the movie could win prizes.

Center the campaign on the target market.

researched the series’ core audience and market segments and carefully planned its marketing campaign to appeal to this select viewer base. For example, it created the “Win Gasoline for 2 Years” competition to engage car enthusiasts.

Reach out to hard-core fans to create buzz.

Existing fans were the campaign’s core supporters. They shared trailers and generated buzz for the new movie. Fan reviews, posted on the new website and shared on Twitter, highlighted the film’s touching nature and helped pull in new viewers.


Adjust in real time for full engagement.

allowed for adjustments based on performance, and tweaked content in real time to optimize Promoted Videos. Targeting included interests (such as movies and cars), keywords (“Wild Speed,” cast members, and similar movies) and followers of cast members and the franchise.

The success

The campaign’s results greatly exceeded the brand’s KPIs. The first Tweet in the campaign — a Promoted Video of the movie trailer — was Retweeted more than 54,000 times, and the “Win Gasoline for 2 Years” competition received more than 20,000 entries. On the day that used the Promoted Trend,  () received 25,000 mentions. Box office sales hit ¥34 billion (US$50,846,200), an increase of 70% over the previous Fast & Furious movie.

Twitter had a lot of potential to reach our target market. … Using a Promoted Trend combined with an evocative hashtag was key. The fact that followers increased steadily and that we greatly exceeded our estimates motivates us to cooperate with Twitter for another challenge."

Daisuke Sato, Sales Division - Publicity Producer, Toho-Towa Company Ltd.

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