Case Study

Postmates delivers new app installs with Twitter’s mobile app promotion suite

Key results

The opportunity

As its service expanded to new markets, on-demand restaurant and store delivery service Postmates () wanted to acquire tech-savvy customers who would regularly order food for delivery through its mobile app.

The strategy

 turned to Twitter’s mobile app promotion suite and unique targeting features to run efficient app install campaigns in new cities.  created Promoted Tweets with Image App Cards to reach fans of its most popular restaurant partners. After the install, deep links drove customers directly to that restaurant’s page within the app, increasing conversion rates.

Keep it simple.

The top-performing Tweets stuck to a simple formula: a high-resolution food photo paired with a short, direct call to action. Twitter’s Image App Card showcased the app within the Tweet, allowing users to install directly from their timelines.

“As an app, we’re laser-focused on acquiring users who are tech-savvy and engaged with the content they’re seeing,” says Madison Oie, growth marketing analyst at Postmates. “Twitter provides us with the platform to target those exact customers, whereas with other platforms users are less inclined to click on a display ad.”

Test and optimize targeting combinations.

used , keyword, and app category targeting combined with geographic filtering to reach its target audience in each market. Twitter’s tailored audiences feature drove further efficiency by excluding users who had already installed the app. In addition to its restaurant partners, targeted followers of including , , and to acquire tech-savvy users. Geotargeting allowed Postmates to serve ads that acquired users located in new markets including Austin, Brooklyn, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, Miami, and Seattle.

Present an exclusive offer to increase conversions.

Many of the highest-performing Tweets in the mobile app promotion campaigns had one feature in common: a $5 or $10 discount code for delivery credits that incentivized first-time users to download the app.

“On Twitter, we find tremendous value in the ability to reach food lovers who haven’t tried our service yet,” Oie says. “Twitter users are constantly displaying signals of intent, so when they Tweet they are craving pizza, sushi, or a burrito, we can serve a relevant ad with a discount code in the moment people are most likely to take action.”

The success

The mobile app promotion campaigns generated a new customer base in new markets in just two weeks. acquired new users at a CPI that was 25% less than other ad platforms. successfully scaled up the campaign, increasing conversion volume 2.1X while lowering the CPI by 22% quarter over quarter.

“Twitter’s mobile app promotion has proven to be Postmates’ most powerful partner for activating existing customers segments with timely messages as well as finding new tech-inclined customers,” says Madison Oie, growth marketing analyst at Postmates. “Keyword and app categories targeting have performed very well for us. We’re able to target people with other food apps installed on their device.”

Over the last year, Twitter has become an integral part of our user acquisition efforts. We launched in several new markets and mobile app promotion was key to our success, driving mass volumes of installs in our target markets through efficient targeting of geos, @usernames, and keywords. Twitter provides an outlet for us to capitalize on the buzz attached to our launches in new cities, as well as tie our delivery promotions to acquisition and re-engagement efforts.

Madison Oie, Growth Marketing Analyst, Postmates

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