Case Study

MasterCard LAC leverages a sporting event to connect with its audience

Key results

The opportunity

MasterCard in Latin America and the Caribbean () was an official Platinum sponsor of the Copa America Chile 2015 (), South America’s most popular soccer competition. The brand turned to Twitter to create a dynamic, real-time campaign that could engage a diverse audience in several Latin American countries.

The strategy

sought to engage soccer fans about the Copa America matches. The brand’s campaign ran simultaneously in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and the Dominican Republic. It used Promoted Tweets targeted at followers of influencers associated with soccer (, , and ) as well as keywords (“Tevez,” “Maschefacts,” “goalkeeper,” “Vidal,” “Chile,” and “soccer referee”) to promote the lead-up to the Cup final in Chile and to highlight promotional deals from allied stores. The brand used a Promoted Trend with the hashtag () to broaden the campaign’s reach. For the final game, distributed pre-created rich media content and used Twitter Live Studio to create and distribute new content in real time.

Steps to success

1. Consolidate strategy with a remarkable concept.

centered its campaign on the hashtag , bringing together a diverse audience around the concept of feeling like a champion. At key points in the tournament and the final game, the hashtag became the focal point for conversation and encouraged fans to interact with its brand.

2. Think globally, act locally for engagement.

created specific content for each targeted country, sent out from a localized Twitter account (for example, and). The use of local language in rich, informative graphics helped the brand to achieve greater interaction with its audience.

3. Adjust in real time for relevant content.

The day of the final match, used Twitter Live Studio to deliver dynamic content in real time. The brand tweaked hashtags to better engage its audience. When Argentina’s team lost the final, switched to () and let users send messages of support.

monitored the conversation around the match, detected relevant topics, and joined the conversation where appropriate. In doing so, the brand created real-time, engaging content including Vines, animated GIFs, memes, and sequenced emojis.

The success

The campaign ran from June 11 to July 4, 2015. achieved 160,000 mentions throughout the tournament. Promoted Tweets reached 45 million impressions and 840,200 engagements. One Promoted Tweet by generated 1.5 million impressions. On the final day and achieved a combined reach of 100,000 mentions.

In , the hashtag achieved 54,481 mentions. During the first half of the final match, and the accounts associated with the brand received close to 110 interactions per minute.

Twitter is aligned with our branding objectives and helps us to amplify the message in accordance with our vision. Its real-time nature allows us to join conversations and interact immediately with both brands and consumers.

Stephanie Scotto de Restrepo, LAC Digital Marketing Director, MasterCard

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