Case Study

Coca-Cola uses In-Stream Video Ads to enhance its Christmas ad

Key results

The opportunity

For Coca-Cola España (), Christmas has always been a special time for communicating the brand's values. This year, its  [We are closer] campaign reflects the fact that, worldwide, Spain is one of the countries where people feel the closest to each other, and it reminds us of everything we have in common.

The strategy

saw Twitter as the ideal platform for increasing the visibility of its Christmas ad and reaching users through an innovative video format that is safe for the brand and which was associated with our publishers' premium content.

Maximise your brand impact.

The immediacy of Twitter and the possibility it offers brands to associate themselves with current content enabled to reach a relevant and particularly receptive audience at exactly the right time.

Express your creativity.

An emotive ad, focused on the way Spanish people feel, was particularly effective for in conveying the brand's values on Twitter.

Associate yourself with premium content.

Twitter's In-Stream Video Ads enabled to associate its ad with premium content, as each of our partners are carefully selected by our partnerships team.

The success

, one of the first advertisers in Spain to use the In-Stream Video Ads format, successfully introduced its ad into relevant videos by our premium publishers throughout the various categories, achieving 3 million views.

The  [We are closer] campaign by  focused on the way Spanish people feel. The ad appealed to the emotions of the Christmas season and sought an emotional connection. Not only did this convey the brand's values but it also engaged users, achieving a 53% view rate.

Carat and Coca-Cola always opt for innovative formats and Twitter's In-Stream Video enables us to associate ourselves with relevant, premium content and reach an audience with an existing interest in discovering content.

Solutions used

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Audience insights

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