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10 examples of Twitter creativity in the world

Every day all over the world, brands are pushing the boundaries of creativity on Twitter to be closer to their communities. , , … We selected 10 international campaigns for you that stood out in recent months because of their originality.

#Breaking2 (Worldwide)

Run a marathon in under two hours. Impossible? Not for Nike (). Last May, the company brought three of the best runners on the planet together in Italy to set a new record in a closed-door marathon that was broadcast live on Twitter.

#StackeRTweet (Argentina)

In Argentina, Burger King () launched an ingenious campaign that successfully resulted in the different ingredients of its burgers trending nationally.

#RedefineWhatsPossible (United States)

Using this 360-degree video, Degree Men () teleported its community to a basketball court, where the challenge was to follow Stephen Curry () of the championship-winning Golden State Warriors.

#SoundsLike (United States)

For Pandora (), there is bound to be a piece of music for each emoji. At least this is what the American music streaming giant wanted to prove with its campaign .

#DisneylandParis25 (France)

Disneyland Paris () is the first brand in France to use the new 360 video format, allowing 360-degree videos to be uploaded and viewed directly on its timeline.

To get the most out of 360-degree videos, move to the middle of the image and, if on a mobile device, use your finger, or on a desktop, click and drag with the cursor.


#KLM (Worldwide)

Your boarding pass, the latest information for your flight, customer service — all now available directly on Twitter for those flying with Royal Dutch Airlines ().

#Valerian (Worldwide)

Four months before "Valerian" () was released, the teams behind the film broadcast its trailer on Twitter, along with exclusive content for fans who liked the video.

#KITKAT (Worldwide)

Kit Kat () cleverly took advantage of the vertical video format — displayed in a square format on people's timelines — to announce its new biscuit recipe.

#SamsungTV (Australia)

If you aren't sure which TV to buy, Samsung () is there for you. In Australia, the brand offered a personalized DM experience to advise its customers based on their requirements.

#NationalVegetarianWeek (United Kingdom)

For , the English food supplier Tesco () shared a range of delicious vegetarian recipes in customized Moments.

Discover videos of all these examples:

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