Case Study

A grassroots presidential campaign uses the power of Twitter to attract new donors

Key results

The opportunity

The presidential candidacy for Vermont senator found its roots on Twitter, where it’s possible to connect live with millions of voters and influencers who can rally around a campaign.

Revolution Messaging (), a full-service digital agency retained by Bernie Sanders for President, saw Twitter as the ideal place to harness the momentum of the senator’s grassroots presidential campaign.

The strategy

During a rally in Portland, Oregon, a bird landed on the podium as Senator Sanders addressed the crowd, creating a memorable and newsworthy moment. The digital marketing team at saw this event as an opportunity to build support and fundraise.

Recognizing how iconic the image of the bird on the podium with Sanders was during the rally, they designed ad creative around this moment to drive donations through Twitter. The team further fueled support with campaign stickers.

To reach Twitter users who were interested in the senator’s message and platform, the team used a combination of keyword targeting such as “” and “” as well as partner audiences (available directly through Twitter’s ad interface) from third-party data providers such as Acxiom and eXelate. The Promoted Tweets used featured an in-Tweet image of the illustrated Bernie-bird moment, along with a URL within the Tweet copy that led to a landing page where users could purchase stickers or give a donation.

The success

By combining Promoted Tweets using an image and link with keyword targeting and partner audiences, the immediate return on investment for the campaign was 135% and a 69% lower cost per acquisition (CPA) when compared to target acquisition cost. The low CPA was thanks to engaging creative that resonated with their audience.

Over the course of the five-day campaign, the team was able to generate more than 7,000 donations in support of . The media team at considers this effort to be one of their most successful campaigns executed on Twitter.

If a campaign acts quickly, Twitter can turn a magical moment in Portland into a global phenomenon in an instant.

Elizabeth Bennett, Senior Account Manager at Revolution Messaging and Deputy Digital Advertising Director for Bernie 2016

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