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We’ve partnered with many of the best video publishers in the world. Every day, they’re sharing video content that audiences are eager to discover. Gain relevance and borrow brand equity when your brand’s content appears next to the videos your audience is passionate about.

In-Stream Video Ads

From catching must-see sports highlights to sharing reactions to the season finale, audiences love that they can discover what’s happening with video on Twitter. More than 200 premium, brand-safe video publishers (including top TV networks, major sports leagues, and professional news outlets) share their best content on Twitter.

Get in front of your audience with pre-roll ads that kick off the video content they’re interested in. Pizza Hut used In-Stream Video Ads to promote its Hut Rewards program, which ran before a Cosmopolitan magazine celebrity video.

Connect with your audience and give your brand a voice.

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In-Stream Video Sponsorships

Every sponsorship is unique. When you sponsor an event or show on Twitter, we work with our publisher partners to create packages that are right for you, such as pre-roll ads before video clips, pre-roll ads before live video, and branded content integrations. Wendy’s In-Stream Video Sponsorship of BuzzFeed’s "AM2DM" morning show included a weekly branded segment entitled “Live Your Best Life,” as well as pre-roll ads before BuzzFeed's video content. When the crowd cheers and the world celebrates, your brand can connect with what’s happening.

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