Audience insights

Go beyond simple demographics.

Twitter’s audience is leaned-in, influential, and passionate with a variety of interests. So being able to target audiences based on a number of parameters — interests, demographics, operating system, brands they follow, and a variety of other variables — means your content is targeted to the right people. This also ensures campaigns resonate, content sees high engagement, and ads perform brilliantly in the moments that matter most.

Twitter's audience insights dashboard includes valuable insights about the general Twitter audience, your followers, and the people who have engaged with your Tweets. You can also identify new, relevant audiences to target for upcoming campaigns. The dashboard even provides aggregate information on user demographics, interests, lifestyle, and purchasing behaviors — all sourced from user-supplied data, app-supplied data, Twitter internal models, and partner-generated data.

People aren’t one-dimensional — your advertising shouldn’t be either.

I could see this information better informing our client’s content and media strategies, especially during key competitive periods — it provides agencies direct insight into competitive activity and brand conversations, which allows us to recommend real-time shifts in content and media strategies and ultimately, drive better results.”

Christine Hickey (), Media Director, Performics

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Audience Insights

A real-time look at the people that are most relevant to you, such as your followers or people who have engaged with your Tweets. Gain insights about your audience’s demographics, interests, lifestyle, and purchase behaviors.