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Fifty years ago, the 1-800 number revolutionized customer service. Customers suddenly had a free, live connection to a real person from the comfort of their homes. Since then, email, chat, IVR7 and customer support over mobile have been significant extensions of the ability to engage with a brand from anywhere in the world. Customer service on Twitter is the next evolution as consumers – not just current customers - connect with brands online, publicly and in real time.

Twitter is the world’s biggest and best focus group, enabling you to gather real-time feedback from customers and giving you unprecedented insight into what they really want and how they actually behave. Customer service is the new marketing, and Twitter is the best place to do customer service. Interactions with customers on Twitter are faster and cost 80% less than phone interactions, and customer love getting help on Twitter because no one has to “listen to the entire menu because options have changed.”

When you delight a customer on our platform, the whole world can see the amazing experience you created. Showing your ability to quickly resolve issues while demonstrating your brand voice goes a long way in building brand loyalty and brand reputation. This kind of unparalleled reach and amplification gives your conversations outsized impact because they can be shared across the platform and embedded across other mediums.

Mobile — in the broader definition — is becoming a primary source of information for customers, and brands, too. Listening and engaging unlocks customer value and identifies the path forward."

, Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald’s USA

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Customer Feedback

Makes it easy to ask survey questions immediately following a Direct Message conversation with a customer.

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