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Case Study

Inside Epic Games’ groundbreaking launch of Fortnite Chapter 2

Epic Games and Twitter’s strategy for launching Fortnite Chapter 2 was nothing short of brilliant: By making fans stare at a live stream of a black hole for 36 hours, the launch generated millions of Tweets, produced 500,000 new followers, and showed the world a new way to go viral.

Case Study

Capcom proves campaign success with Twitter Brand Surveys

Learn how Capcom used a Twitter Brand Survey to measure the effectiveness of their launch campaign for the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection.


Gaming on Twitter: Start with grandmasters

Marketing on Twitter? Start with the gaming audience on Twitter, the athletes who lead the next wave of esports.

Case Study

Super Audiences generate huge increases in brand metrics for “Forza Motorsport”

How Twitter’s new Super Audiences product helped Microsoft drive awareness of DLC for the Xbox game “Forza Motorsport 6”.

Case Study

The latest installment of FINAL FANTASY XV dominates E3 gaming conversation

Learn how FINAL FANTASY XV dominated E3 gaming conversation using Twitter’s Promoted Trends and Promoted Tweets.

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