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Why should your brand connect with next year’s awards season moments?

In 2020, people on Twitter will be watching (and live-Tweeting) awards shows honoring music, film, and TV. Brands, make sure you launch campaigns to connect with these cultural moments.


: The brands that stood out in Twitter's BrandBowl54

Twitter announces the winners of , the best Super Bowl 54 ads on Twitter in 2020.


Why should your brand connect with big events on Twitter?

Brands will soon have another opportunity to tap into the frenzy of Twitter’s sports-loving audience. While planning your campaign, be ready to join the conversation that surrounds the events, whether it’s on or off the field (or court, or vault).


Women in Sports on Twitter: Start with the ones who change the game

Marketing on Twitter? Start with the women in sports audience on Twitter, the ones who change the game.

Case Study

How LEGO group used Twitter to

LEGO brand turned to Twitter to help create its 2019 global ad campaign. Using Twitter takeover ad products including Promoted Trend Spotlight, LEGO brand’s campaign inspired creativity and imagination for people of all ages. Find out how this iconic brand used Twitter advertising products to boost positive sentiment among LEGO bricks lovers.


Who Uses Twitter? An Engaged Audience That Shapes What's Happening

From beauty and gaming to TV fandom and women in sports, people on Twitter ignite the conversations that shape what’s happening. Read more to learn why the world’s biggest headlines, memes, and movements start on Twitter.

Case Study

How Twitter helped Mr. Peanut step out of his shell on football’s biggest night

How did Planters put its 103-year-old monocled mascot, Mr. Peanut, on the map during football’s biggest night? By tapping into the power of Twitter and reacting to unpredictable moments in real time.


How to connect your brand to football's biggest night on Twitter

For many football fans, the action on Twitter is almost as entertaining as the game on the gridiron. When it’s time for the game, marketers have a chance to connect with a legion of fans that turn to Twitter to follow the game’s action and the biggest ads of the year.


Brands + Culture + Twitter = Impact

A research study between MAGNA and Twitter, “The Impact of Culture,” shows just how much influential consumers want brands and culture to mix.

Case Study

Twitter announces winners of

Meet the winners of the 2019 Brand Bowl, celebrating the best brand campaigns on Twitter during .

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