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Case Study

On Twitter, Salesforce is ‎

Learn how Salesforce is bringing brands and business leaders on Twitter together with , a new content series with thought leadership, tips and support to help navigate this challenging time.


Should brands communicate during a crisis?

Should your brand be advertising on Twitter during COVID-19? Here’s what Twitter research tells us about ad performance during the coronavirus pandemic.


Creating from home

Brands can still create content during COVID-19. Stacy Minero from Twitter ArtHouse offers some insights and best practices.


Advertising during COVID-19

Twitter’s updated COVID-19 advertising policy, plus some new research, can help brands know what to say during these uncertain times.


Gaming on Twitter: Start with grandmasters

Marketing on Twitter? Start with the gaming audience on Twitter, the athletes who lead the next wave of esports.


Why should your brand connect with next year’s awards season moments?

In 2020, people on Twitter will be watching (and live-Tweeting) awards shows honoring music, film, and TV. Brands, make sure you launch campaigns to connect with these cultural moments.


Five successful strategies for launching something new

How companies launch new products has a huge impact on their overall success, new research by Bain & Co. shows. In our survey, brands that deployed comprehensive launch playbooks enjoyed higher revenue growth than those that didn’t. Smart firms rely on social platforms to identify customer priorities and take advantage of their most passionate supporters.


Brands + Culture + Twitter = Impact

A research study between MAGNA and Twitter, “The Impact of Culture,” shows just how much influential consumers want brands and culture to mix.


Influencing Culture: The Participation Playbook

Contagious’ James Swift and Twitter’s Alex Josephson look at some of the best Twitter-led campaigns from Cannes Lions, and speak to the brands and agencies behind the work, to find out what it takes to make content worth talking about.


How to make your brand worth talking about

Want people to talk about your brand on Twitter? Having a distinct personality, engaging creative, and good timing help you get your stories heard. Here are the three secrets to telling stories in a mobile-first world.

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