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Case Study

uses Promoted Videos to turn dessert into donations for charity

Learn how Dairy Queen got fans excited to participate in the charity campaign by feeding them custom Twitter content.

Case Study

A burger chain serves up Promoted Video and media-rich content to build buzz

Learn how A&W Canada used Promoted Video to drive awareness and engagement among a young audience.

Best in Class

10 examples of Twitter creativity in the world

A look at 10 Twitter campaigns that stood out because of their creativity.

Case Study

Taco Bell and MTV let fans vote for Best New Artist in viral chatbot campaign

See how MTV and Taco Bell teamed up to drive fan engagement at the 2017 VMAs with a chatbot on Twitter that let people vote on Best New Artist.

Case Study

Wendy’s first-ever March Madness bracket builder on Twitter gets fans talking

Learn how Wendy’s increased brand awareness and engagement by creating the first-ever March Madness bracket builder on Twitter.

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