The 3 C’s of technology brand storytelling: content, culture, and connection

Tech leaders share how brands can create experiences in a device-driven world.

Tablets. Phablets. Fitness trackers. Virtual assistants. Smart homes. Pokémon.

Connected devices rule our world, but the devices themselves aren’t the whole story. It’s all about creating an immersive experience, according to technology leaders from Intel, CNET, and smart headphone company Muzik.

When Intel brought the live experience of the Winter X Games to the Twitter audience, the company tapped into a unique opportunity to participate in the conversation happening now.

“What are people talking about? What are they seeing? What are people saying?” asked Ashley Cole, US media director for Intel. “In that moment where everyone is on Twitter, it becomes an amplifier for us when we think about content.”

Jason Hardi, founder and CEO of Muzik, sees Twitter as a place where people come together to create what’s next: “It provides an opportunity for brands to participate but do it in a very authentic way.” Twitter is a platform of early adopters and influencers. They love to Tweet. They love tech. And they love to Tweet about tech. As our lives become more and more device-driven, technology brands have a unique opportunity to connect to what’s happening in our world. Learn more from Cole, Hardi, and leaders from CNET and Twitter in this video:

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