More than skin deep: How brands like Pantene are redefining the word ‘beautiful’

Pantene’s ‎ campaign shares powerful stories of transformation

Today’s beauty brands are looking good and doing good.

Beauty lovers on Twitter are encouraging one another to love their bodies and share imperfections. They’re also looking to brands like Pantene to join them in making beauty as inclusive as possible. 

These brands are tapping into a larger theme: They’re connecting with people who are not only excited about the creativity and effectiveness of beauty products, but who also see them as tools of empowerment. In a recent study, Twitter and IPG Media Brand found that nearly half of all consumers (47%) think brands should be involved in social movements.1 Among the under-35 demographic, people on Twitter are particularly passionate about brand involvement.

Infographic showing that Twitter and IPG Media Brand found that nearly half of all consumers (47%) think brands should be involved in social movements.

And savvy brands like Pantene are getting the message. How we look often has an impact on how we feel, and hair can play a pivotal role in many of life’s pivotal moments. According to Pantene’s research, 60% of LGBTQ+ people change their hair when they have a life or identity change. To show the beauty behind those transformations, Pantene launched the “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m BeautifuLGBTQ” campaign, designed to tackle conventional stereotypes and celebrate self-expression in the LGBTQ+ community. 

In partnership with GLAAD, the campaign is a spin on the company’s iconic “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful” tagline. It aims to redefine what “beautiful” looks like by featuring a range of people within the LGBTQ+ community telling personal stories of change.

Whether it’s “the big chop” or just a new color to show off the new you, Pantene is committed to shining the spotlight on people who challenge stereotypes. To raise awareness and get the community involved, the brand encouraged others to share their own transformation stories on Twitter using the hashtag .

The holiday season can be an especially difficult time for the LGBTQ+ community, because not all members always feel comfortable celebrating with family as their true selves. That’s why Pantene released another series of videos for the holidays, in support of those who fear they won’t be accepted in their visits home. Called “Going Home for the Holidays,” the series is another partnership with GLAAD and features four members of the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles.

From inner confidence to a more inclusive world, breakthrough beauty brands are offering much more than a pretty face. And on Twitter, they’re engaging with consumers who are setting their own standards and redefining beauty for all.


1 MAGNA & Twitter: “The Impact of Culture,” US, 2019

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