Meet the judges: Dieste agency CMO Carla Eboli

We picked the brightest minds to judge the . Meet Dieste’s CMO.

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Let’s get to know one of the Twitter Awards judges: Carla Eboli who started her career as a TV and print journalist in Brazil, went into PR, then was lured to the U.S. to become chief marketing officer at Dieste, a multicultural communications agency based in Dallas. Dieste is focused on Hispanic, Asian, and LGBT communities.

What does a multicultural communications agency do?

: We focus on ethnic insights that might not be obvious to people in the majority population. Here's an example:

I'm from Brazil, but my husband is American. The other night we were watching TV and the Geico commercial came on with the piggy sticking its head out of the car going "Wheee! "Wheee!" After the third or fourth time it came on, I asked him, “What is that piggy doing?” He said, “You don't know the story of the little piggy that went to market?” “No. In Brazil we don't tell that story.”

So one of the things Dieste does make TV spots more interesting and relevant to people who come from a different cultural background.

How has technology changed the way marketers operate?

: Technology has brought everyone closer, for both good and bad. It makes conversations easier. You're no longer just shoveling information for consumers to digest, they are also shoveling stuff back at you. They're saying, “I like this, but not that.” It's creating a completely different environment.

It also makes the job harder. Brands need to be ready to hear what customers have to say, but they're not always there. We see this every day: A campaign launches, and 10 minutes later, they're apologizing.

You're no longer just shoveling information for consumers to digest, they are also shoveling stuff back at you.”

Name one thing on your bucket list you want to accomplish in the next five years.

:  I am a car aficionado and a Formula 1 race fanatic. My husband and I travel all over the world to watch F1 races -- Monza, Italy; Ossining; New York; the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve in Montreal. I own a red Porsche Boxter convertible and a black 911. And I love Camaros.

So if someone offered me the chance to drive a fast Camaro on a closed track, I'd do it in a heartbeat.