How Twitter Canada’s premium video engages viewers when they’re most receptive

Expanded video partnerships offer more ways to reach Twitter’s highly influential audiences.

When a Game 7 buzzer-beater sends Toronto basketball fans into a frenzy, Twitter is where they come to celebrate. When film stars glide across the red carpet during the Canadian Screen Awards, it’s where they dish the dirt. And when news breaks or tragedy strikes, Canucks congregate on Twitter to comment and commiserate.

Increasingly, Twitter is also where they come to watch video — more than 2 billion views each day across the globe.1 Which is why, at the second annual , we were thrilled to announce a slate of new and expanded video collaborations with the top news, lifestyle, sports, and entertainment partners across Canada.  

From intimate musical performances and exclusive cooking shows to insider sports reports, Twitter will feature more unique video in 2019 than ever. Read more about our announcements here.

Why are these major media companies partnering with Twitter? It starts with the audience.

People on Twitter are among the most curious, active, and engaged on the planet. Nine out of 10 daily Twitter users in Canada get their news from Twitter first, before they see it on TV.2 Seventy-seven percent of users say they learn something new and valuable on Twitter every week, and more than half say they like to be the first person in their cohort to try new products and services.3

The world’s biggest, most market-savvy brands love Twitter, too. They know Twitter audiences are always ready to passionately engage, actively listen, and openly connect. More than three-quarters of Canadians on Twitter follow brands,4 and nearly 60 percent influence purchase decisions made by friends and family.5

When used as part of multiplatform marketing campaign, video ads on Twitter are especially effective. Research shows that campaigns running on both Twitter and TV drive 46 percent more lift in ad relevance and a 67 percent increase in likeability than a TV-only campaign.6 Twitter is especially useful for reaching younger cord-cutting millennials and Gen Z, providing 28 percent more incremental reach to viewers aged 18 to 24 than TV only.7

Perhaps most important, Twitter’s premium video content is brand-safe and aligns well with the messages advertisers want to convey. And because this content aligns so closely with the interests of its audience, Twitter can deliver the video Canadians most want to see and share.

When you collaborate with the top publishers in the world, you can develop incredibly innovative ways to elevate premium content and bring new dimensions to the conversations already happening on Twitter. Together with our partners, we developed this new slate of programming specifically for our audiences, and designed the content to fuel even more robust conversation on Twitter.”

Kay Madati, Twitter Global VP and Head of Content Partnerships


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