Performance Marketing

Harness live signals of interest and intent.

Efficiently driving more conversions means gaining the attention of an ever-distracted mobile audience. To do this, you need to be a relevant part of what’s happening.

People come to Twitter to discover and discuss what’s happening in the moment. Because of this, Twitter offers a wellspring of powerful data, allowing you to harness signals of interest based on live conversations and signals of intent based on engagements across thousands of apps and websites.

Twitter Ads help you form a live connection with your customers across all the places they go and devices they use. As you run ads across Twitter and beyond, in both native and standard ad formats, your campaigns will be powered by intelligent prediction algorithms and enriched by unique social signals. By connecting with customers at the moment of highest relevance, you’ll inspire them to take action, whether that action is a purchase, a signup, or an app install.

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purchase intent from First View videos

Source: Twitter Brand Effect Studies, Q4 2016, First View activations
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