Live Connection to Culture

Today people have infinitely more choice and control over where they place their attention.

The spark that ignites movements is more than just a moment in time – it’s about connecting to what’s real, what’s relevant, and what’s meaningful. A live connection to culture is what fuels our passions and drives us to connect. As a brand, nowhere is that connection to culture stronger than Twitter which is at the intersection of passions, culture, and live with a platform that is 800 million+ strong and growing.

Coca-Cola Mexico reaches music lovers with real-time content that increases brand recognition
Telecom firm Orange dials up excitement for its 4G service with a Vine campaign
St-Germain crafts an artistic, fleeting experience on Periscope
Lowe's builds brand loyalty and brings #lowesfixinsix Vine campaign to life
Huawei's new tablet goes global with Promoted Tweets
Three ways a telecom provider builds goodwill and reaches millions with Twitter
A dessert brand soars into ice cream season with a TV and Twitter campaign


Emotional intensity is 84% higher on Twitter than normal web browsing.

Twitter & Live Video Research, Neuro Insight, 2015
Virgin Mobile Australia feeds the hungry with a hashtag
Create a thunderclap moment to connect in the now (part two)
Why viewers who use Twitter while watching TV have higher rates of ad recall
Create a thunderclap moment to connect in the now (part one)
Building a live connection to culture

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