Connect with what’s happening on Twitter

Twitter is where brands can connect to the events, occasions, and trends people talk about most.

Making connections is what Twitter is all about. 

Every day, people on Twitter talk about what matters to them. It might be a major sporting event, like a national championship game. It could be a cultural touchstone, like an awards show, Black Friday, or . It may be an issue of social importance, such as global climate change or gender inequality. It might be breaking news about a natural disaster or the latest meme. And in each case these conversations are shaping culture. 

Twitter is also where brands connect to what’s happening by joining the conversation — and those that do it well can reap the dividends. Twitter research shows that a brand’s cultural involvement makes up a full 25% of a consumer’s purchase decision.1

Brands that connect to people and culture in an authentic way have an opportunity to rise above the noise, break through the clutter, and generate both buzz and goodwill. Here are examples of organizations that have used Twitter to make the right connections.

1. MAGNA & Twitter, The Impact of Culture, US, 2019

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