Case Study

Xbox increases its brand awareness during the Christmas season

Key results

impressions in the month of December

mentions of #NoelXbox (Xbox Christmas) in December

interactions between 2014 and 2015


In the preparation for the Christmas season, @XboxFR wanted to stand out and generate user engagement with an advent calendar campaign by Bernard the bear (@Bernard_Xbox). Created for just for this occasion, the fictional character invited users to play every day to try and win a present.


Accompanied by the Elan Edelman (@ELANEdelman) and Empower Media Team agencies, the latter of which is the dedicated agency for Microsoft within the Dentsu Aegis Media (@DentsuAegisFR) group, Xbox established a communications strategy on Twitter that combined several formats, targeting audiences that were very receptive to discussions about video games. Users could participate every day to try and win different gifts. Automatic Tweets featuring @Bernard_Xbox then confirmed their participation.

This operation, with its unique creative concept and a media strategy that was in perfect harmony with the agility of the Twitter platform, was a record in engagement for Xbox!

Florian Vogel (@Starsky32012) Social Media and Digital Marketing Manager, Microsoft (@XboxFR)

The keys to success

1. Anticipate and plan your campaigns.

With the opportunity to win a present every day from the 1st–24th of December, planning ahead was crucial for the #NoelXbox (Xbox Christmas) campaign. The first organic Tweet from the @Bernard_Xbox account launched the #NoelXbox campaign. Daily promoted Tweets then invited users to try their luck with games that changed daily.

2. Change the game's formats so users don't get bored.

From the 1st–24th of December, each user could take part once per day to win the present available on that day. Xbox made variations of the game to encourage users to participate time and time again.  The changes in the game were essential to the success of the campaign.

The types of techniques they used included:

RT and Tweet to participate in the draw of the day

Tweet where Bernard is in the photo to be in with a chance to win

Conversational video cards to generate viewed videos and engagement

In addition to these different devices, automatic Tweets were sent from the @Bernard_Xbox account to users that had Tweeted #NoelXbox (Xbox Christmas). These Tweets were randomly selected – once again to encourage users to try their luck on a daily basis.

3. Establish specific targeting.

The primary focus is to target users who are Tweeting key words from the Xbox universe, to capitalise on RTs from these ambassadors and therefore expand the reach of each campaign.

Followers of the @XboxFR account and Twitter users with similar profiles are also targeted for each daily campaign.

@XboxFR has therefore targeted a qualified audience: fans of video games and users who discussed the brand and the video games that are available exclusively on Xbox One.

Xbox has increased its profile and appeal by capitalising on the fun, inventive and daring image it promotes – be that within existing communities or new audiences it has brought together.

Alexandre Moreau (@Mister_Moreau) Senior Account Executive, @ELANEdelman


@XboxFR exceeded its visibility goals with over 220,000 #NoelXbox (Xbox Christmas) mentions. It also generated 11.2 million impressions throughout the entire campaign. Finally, the media investment in this campaign also increased the number of interactions by 90%, in comparison with those for the #NoelXbox 2014 campaign.

Thanks to Twitter, we could use a disruptive and crazy icon to both engage and, in particular, involve gamers with the development of the brand.

Pierre Kanengieser (@Pierre_K) Managing Director France, @DentsuAegisFR
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