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TomTom UK turns to Twitter to successfully promote its new GPS fitness watch

Key results



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The opportunity

TomTom UK (@UKTomTom) was keen to make its new GPS watch, the TomTom Runner Cardio, an essential component of every runner’s kit. To do this, it took to Twitter to generate awareness and drive website traffic.

The strategy

@UKTomTom wanted to position the TomTom Runner Cardio as the No. 1 companion for runners and to elevate its reputation in an increasingly competitive market. The brand showcased the watch’s benefits with colourful, motivational, and gender-specific content. The creative was delivered to three core Twitter groups: fans, people interested in competitive running, and those following the accounts of competing brands.

@UKTomTom then focused on campaign initiatives. First, Promoted Tweets with Image Cards were tapped into fitness conversations taking place on Twitter. Throughout the course of the campaign, @UKTomTom tested and adapted creative content to refine its message. Also, real-time optimisation helped to understand which content type the audience found most engaging.

This campaign significantly exceeded expectations. … One of the most important aspects of this campaign was the ability to use multiple creative and copy to test different Tweet versions to different target audiences.

Kelly McConville, Global Social Media Manager, TomTom

@UKTomTom then chose Website Cards to drive traffic to its website and generate sales.

And to amplify the campaign’s impact, @UKTomTom scaled its content across the mobile ecosystem with the Twitter Audience Platform, which allowed it to extend its reach to mobile app users.

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Pick products that fit the objective.

@UKTomTom optimised its strategy by using a combination of Twitter products. It ran Promoted Tweets and extended out to the Twitter Audience Platform. Also, Website Cards helped drive fitness fans to visit the the brand’s website to learn more about the TomTom Runner Cardio.


Reach across the Twitter Audience Platform.

@UKTomTom was one of the first UK brands to embrace the power of the Twitter Audience Platform. Doing so extended the brand’s reach and provided some of its best engagement rates. The Twitter Audience Platform helps advertisers connect with audiences beyond Twitter, on thousands of mobile apps.


Reach the right users with targeting.

@UKTomTom employed Twitter’s targeting options. It used keywords to reach people interested in races as well as @username targeting to reach those looking at products like the Runner Cardio. @UKTomTom then had the chance to turn fans into brand ambassadors, and running enthusiasts into customers.

The success

The campaign exceeded @UKTomTom’s expectations, generating 19.2 million impressions and 252,000 engagements during the 11-day period. More than 338,116 people visited the brand’s website to discover more about the TomTom Runner Cardio. Success was due in part to the Twitter Audience Platform, which saw a peak engagement rate of 5.8%.

The campaign also can be measured via insights collected. By the end, @UKTomTom learned that the audience who best responded to the creative fit a specific profile. This valuable data will help the brand in its future campaigns.

Nielsen Brand Effectiveness Study

The campaign’s success also was echoed in a Nielsen brand effectiveness survey, which ran throughout the 11-day period. The survey found @UKTomTom had scored near the top of Nielsen’s benchmarks for campaign engagement.

The survey also noted a significant uplift in awareness of the TomTom Runner Cardio and in driving association with the message ‘allows you to optimise your heart rate whilst running’. Data highlighted the importance of correct attribution of targeting by showing stronger lifts in awareness and association in the runners-only audience.

Furthermore, the survey showed how the emotionally led nature of the campaign paid off on Twitter by leaving a strong impression on those who engaged with it. Tweet recall was two times higher than with the control group.

Solutions used

Audience targeting

You want your message to be heard by the right person. Let Twitter’s targeting capabilities help.

Website traffic & conversions

Meet the challenges of the mobile era and get results by driving conversions across platforms.

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