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Swiss retailer Media Markt drives fans to its new online entertainment store

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The opportunity

To mark the launch of its new online entertainment store, Media Markt (@mediamarkt_ch) took to Twitter to encourage gamers, audiophiles, and movie buffs to visit the website and take advantage of its launch-day special offers. It also hoped to position the website as the number-one marketplace for films, books, and games in Switzerland.

The strategy

In order to build buzz and engage consumers around the launch of its online store, @mediamarkt_ch developed a three-stage Twitter campaign that targeted users before, during, and after the launch.

To generate prelaunch excitement and build awareness, @mediamarkt_ch ran Promoted Tweets with images to tease the unveiling. It chose “unboxing” as the theme for this suspense-inducing teaser campaign. For five days, it Tweeted pictures of a cardboard box being slowly torn open — finally revealing the site logo on the fifth day. Throughout the teaser portion of the campaign, @mediamarkt_ch invited people to guess what was behind the box for a chance to win a 20CHF gift card.

On launch day and for one week after the launch of the online store, @mediamarkt_ch chose Website Cards as a way to showcase the great products available and drive traffic to the new website.

@mediamarkt_ch refreshed its creative throughout the campaign and offered time-sensitive, Twitter-only special offers to website visitors to ensure it was making the most of the real-time nature of Twitter.

To maintain the momentum of the conversation, the messaging of the postlaunch phase of the campaign highlighted the unique benefits available to online shoppers at @mediamarkt_ch. With each Website card, the brand shared an advantage and a clear call to action that encouraged Twitter users to check out the store.

Steps to success

1. Build buzz that lasts through the launch.

@mediamarkt_ch increased awareness and engagement around its new site with activity before, during, and after the launch. The brand kick-started conversation and prepared its audience for the launch, then extended the life of its campaign by offering exclusive offers to Twitter users postlaunch.

2. Target the right audiences.

Media Markt used @username and interest targeting to make sure the message was split into people interested in games, music, and movie accounts, and competing electronics retailers. This gave @mediamarkt_ch the opportunity to reach gamers, movie buffs, and music lovers individually.

3. Encourage engagement with an incentive.

A competition or a contest is a great way to spark engagement with your campaign and keep users interested in what you’re doing. @mediamarkt_ch stimulated participation by rewarding users with gift cards and special offers.

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The success

The combination of Promoted Tweets with Image and Website Cards was key to the great performance of @mediamarkt_ch’s campaign. The brand saw more than 643,000 impressions of Promoted Tweets and achieved a strong average engagement rate of 4.76%.

This was the first time we used Twitter for such a large-scale campaign and we are really happy with the results. A combination of fun creative and Twitter’s great targeting options helped us to achieve our campaign goals.

Michael Jud, Online Marketing Manager, Media Markt


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