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Hogan steps into the NFT world with Twitter

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The opportunity

From high-profile collaborations to high-concept catwalks, fashion brands are always looking for new ways of getting fashion fans’ attention when launching something new.

However, for the luxury sneaker brand @HoganBrand, it wasn’t only about launching something new but also cementing its position as a disruptive brand among younger audiences.

With the rise of NFTs in fashion, @HoganBrand saw an opportunity to achieve these objectives.

The strategy

The brand partnered with five renowned digital artists to create five new versions of the brand’s first sneaker model that were turned into a collection of 500 NFTs dubbed the Hogan Untraditional NFT Collection. 

To promote the collection, @HoganBrand decided to focus on Twitter exclusively. This decision was informed by the fact that 96% of the online NFT conversation takes place on the platform, with 259M NFT-related Tweets shared in the first half of 2022. 1

To maximise the impact of this launch, the campaign ran simultaneously across four markets: Italy, the US, the UK, and Germany.

Branded Notifications were used to announce the Hogan Untraditional NFT Collection launch and to build an opted-in audience who would get notified the moment it became available.

Once the collection dropped, Carousel and Video Ads were used to showcase all five models and direct people to its landing page for purchase.

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Maximise buzz with Branded Notifications

@HoganBrand didn’t just announce its new collection but encouraged people to opt-in to get notified when dropped – all on the same Tweet.



Showcase your products with Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads allowed people to browse all the different designs of the Hogan Untraditional NFT Collection before reaching the landing page.



Tell better stories with Video Ads

Video Ads helped @HoganBrand tell the story behind each design in a more straightforward and visually-appealing way.

The results

Following the untraditional path proved successful for @HoganBrand, as all 500 NFTs sold out in less than 24 hours. The campaign generated 184K engagements and 7.1K link clicks which are all above benchmark. More importantly, the conversation sentiment among the intended audience was extremely positive.

1. Brandwatch Global. 1st Jan-24th May 2022.

At Hogan, we’re constantly innovating to tell our brand story in new, creative ways. Twitter was a natural fit to launch the first brand campaign for Hogan Untraditional NFT Collection because it resonates with the Gen Z and millennial audience and allows us to tell really impactful visual stories that move positive sentiment and fresh conversations around the brand.

Chiara Biganzoli, head of digital media Tod’s Group.

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