Case Study

Co-op shows shoppers on Twitter how to keep it green

Key Results


over benchmark for Trend Takeover+

positive or neutral sentiment

The opportunity:

To further cement its reputation for doing things that make a difference, @coopuk wanted to run a high-impact campaign to mark the launch of a new soft plastics recycling initiative. It was keen to encourage UK consumers to shop at @coopuk by showcasing the values of its own brand food range in a distinctive, memorable way.

The strategy:

To kick off the campaign in grand style and reach as many people as possible on the launch day, @coopuk chose to run a Trend Takeover+.

This meant its immersive video creative was at the top of the Trends list on Twitter and front and centre in the Explore tab on mobile, right where people go to see what’s happening in real-time.

The feel-good video creative showcased the place of @coopuk at the heart of the community. It was also designed to make it feel easy for people to do their bit, showing how convenient it is for customers to recycle soft plastics with Co-op's soft plastic recycling units.

To ensure UK shoppers were even more likely to see the campaign, @coopuk followed the Trend Takeover+ with reach and frequency campaigns on Twitter. This meant the campaign’s key messages were being shared on Twitter across the campaign period and not just on the Takeover day.

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Stoke excitement with a Trend Takeover+.

@coopuk launched a Trend Takeover+ to create initial buzz and noise around the soft plastics recycling initiative and to get people talking about the campaign and the concept straight away.



Connect with more people using reach and frequency.

@coopuk wanted to continue to raise awareness and reach as many people as possible across the campaign in an efficient way, so it ran reach and frequency ads for the whole campaign period.



Tap into passion with a custom hashtag.

With a lively hashtag that encompassed the campaign’s call to action (#CleanItScrunchItCoopIt), @coopuk was able to connect with consumer concerns around green issues and the environment.


This campaign’s environmentally friendly messaging resonated with UK Twitter. It was highly effective with a total of 27.6M impressions, and the Trend Takeover+ and Timeline Takeover exceeded the benchmark for the vertical by 47%.

People were keen to jump into the conversation, with 2.2K uses of #CleanItScrunchItCoopIt during the campaign. Not only that, but conversation analysis also found 92% positive or neutral sentiment during the campaign flight.

Twitter was instrumental in driving awareness of our new in-store soft plastic recycling scheme. We know the importance of communicating our sustainability goal. Achieving 27.6M impressions and 2.2K users of our campaign hashtag shows Twitter audiences welcome our new initiative.

Fiona Tasker, Social Media Campaign Manager, @coopuk

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