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Birds Eye puts Chicken Dippers on the menu with Twitter’s reach and frequency buying tool

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The opportunity:

Birds Eye (@BirdsEye) wanted to celebrate its tasty Chicken Dippers, boosting awareness of the variety of ways in which they can be eaten among a broader audience across the UK — and it turned to Twitter for a boost.

As the food company looked to go beyond its usual target audience by reaching Brits over the age of 18, Twitter was perfectly placed to help it seize the opportunity. @BirdsEye set out to establish a campaign that would boost conversation around mealtime, driving and maintaining awareness of its Chicken Dippers using Twitter’s ad portfolio.

The strategy:

In order to spread the message that @BirdsEye Chicken Dippers can be enjoyed and consumed in a range of different ways, Twitter worked with the food giant’s UK media agency Zenith (@zenith) to create a robust campaign strategy. This focused on switching from a hyper-focused target audience to increasing Birds Eye’s reach to include a wider range of UK adults.

Twitter's new reach and frequency buying tool provided the ideal solution for the campaign, allowing Birds Eye to secure the broad reach required for its campaign whilst maintaining precise control over the number of times its audience saw its advert. 

Having run smaller successful tests using reach and frequency buying on Twitter, this was the first time this campaign strategy had been deployed to promote one of @BirdsEye’s main hero products. Working closely with Zenith, Twitter designed and optimised the reach and frequency to reach the campaign’s goals.

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The macro view: Growing an audience

By drawing on Twitter’s rich audience, @BirdsEye could appeal to new consumers, boosting awareness of the culinary potential for its Chicken Dippers. Additionally by buying demo-targeted impression reservations with frequency caps upfront, @BirdsEye was able to maximize its reach and impact.


Putting audiences in the picture

The campaign was brought to life with two Video Website Cards, each displaying a different recipe designed to inspire audiences to make a meal out of @BirdsEye’s tasty Chicken Dippers.

The results:

  • 18.1M impressions
  • Cost per impression of £1.54
  • 1.67% engagement rate

@BirdsEye’s delicious Chicken Dipper campaign was an overall success, proving to be not only its most cost effective in 2020 but also scoring its highest view through for video content that year.

Throughout the campaign, @BirdsEye was in the driving seat, with @zenith planning and executing on a reach of   4,860,838 users across the activation. The campaign went on to achieve over 18.1 million impressions at a cost per impression of £1.54, one of the cheapest achieved by @BirdsEye in 2020.

Sustaining a 1.67% engagement rate throughout, the campaign went down in the record books for @BirdsEye as the highest ever achieved on Twitter. Its success highlights the intrigue and curiosity around the recipe videos that brought the messaging to life.

Finally, the campaign also achieved @BirdsEye’s highest view-through rate of the year at 27.70% with a very low cost per view at £0.02 — cementing the campaign as truly cost-effective success.

We have seen CPMs nearing the £2 in the past. This was the lowest CPM we have seen this year and we saw great video metrics across the board. The recipe content seems to have been extremely efficient in terms of the engagement we saw from users as well. In an uncertain year, this campaign was a success.

Chloe Duval, Account Manager, Zenith UK

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Birds Eye puts Chicken Dippers on the menu with Twitter’s reach and frequency buying tool

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Birds Eye puts Chicken Dippers on the menu with Twitter’s reach and frequency buying tool

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