Twitter is ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals as Christmas approaches

After a slow 2020, retail sales have bounced back in the UK in 2021, and people on Twitter are ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in the run up to Christmas. 

How can brands prepare for that? By turning to Twitter, where people in the UK are huge Black Friday fans. They’re keen shoppers, and recent research has found they’re more than ready to shop online with big brands this Black Friday.

Super-shoppers can be found on Twitter

In fact, people on Twitter are not only more likely than all internet users to spend more on Black Friday this year, they are 28% more likely to buy most of their Christmas presents on Black Friday.

Brands interested in connecting directly with potential customers should note that when it comes to choosing where to shop for Black Friday deals, people on Twitter are 38% more likely than all internet users to shop at brand websites.

Thousands talk deals on Twitter

In 2020, Twitter in the UK saw 348K conversations about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with the topic gaining noticeable traction from about two weeks before the event.

Home appliances such as TV and refrigerators, along with clothes and smartphones, are the items people in the UK are most likely to buy on Black Friday. And when it comes to gaming-related products such as consoles, UK-based Twitter is 50% more likely than all internet users are to buy them on Black Friday.

Tech-savvy Twitter is keen to spend

In fact, people in the UK are widely interested in tech products of all stripes, with one in five planning to spend more than £700 on tech products.

Overall, spending on tech goods is likely to be up, with 78% of those surveyed likely to spend the same or more on tech products this year as they did last year.

Given the significant spend, it’s no surprise that 69% of UK Twitter does a lot of research before making tech purchases. Not only that, but two-thirds actually start to buy them at least a month ahead of Black Friday.

Tech buyers discover brands on Twitter

Two in five people in the UK say Twitter helps them discover or learn about new tech brands or products, while 71% would consider making a tech purchase from an e-commerce website, compared with 53% who would buy from a physical store.

Of the tech products available, UK-based consumers on Twitter are most likely to buy mobile phones, PCs and laptops, and wearable devices such as smartwatches, with 33% choosing each of those product categories as their most likely purchase. 

For brands looking to connect with consumers around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and Christmas in generall, the message this year is start early — consumers are ready. 

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October 15, 2021

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