The Twitter trends shaping culture.

Creator Culture

Self-taught. Self-made. We are creators at heart doing it our own way. Creativity is powering us, from everyday hobbies to entrepreneurship and the entertainment we engage in together. 

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Fueling the creative spark

People are exploring new paths to creativity everyday. Read on for the conversations that matter within this trend — then download the full report for a deeper dive.

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Increasingly, creativity is becoming an essential part of people’s everyday lives. Here are the key conversations:

Creative expression feeds the soul. It also deepens our sense of self, offers an escape, builds social connection, and provides new sources of income. Conversations around creator culture have increased +32% overall.


Here are the key conversations:

Career Creators

Create it to make it. Along with a rise in creator platforms, makers are building on their crafts, with +69% growth in mentions of #digitalart.

Tweet from @TheMoralAnimal_ 'I’m over the moon. I’ve sold my first piece of art. I feel honored, flattered, and inspired to do more!   Omg, am officially a working artist."

Aspiring Makers

Do what makes you feel good. With people spending more time at home, conversations around new projects and hobbies like writing, cooking, and crafting have increased +23%.

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Conversational Entertainment

Interest in participatory virtual and online content experiences has increased. Live-streaming, collaborative platforms, and multiplayer gaming invite mass participation while also fostering a sense of togetherness.

What the conversation means.

It all adds up to embracing the thing that fuels you.

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Source: Black Swan Data and CrowdDNA, commissioned by Twitter, The Conversation: Twitter Trends, Data period: Dec 2018 through Nov 2020, UK; Growth stats calculated from a linear trend line of monthly Tweet volumes.

Disclaimer: During this same period, overall Tweet volume has increased, and could be considered a contributing factor to the volume increases for topics cited throughout the report.