Moms are an essential group for brand marketers to reach on Twitter

Moms have a significant presence on Twitter, making them a prime market segment for brands to engage.

As kids, we all had those moments of wonder when our all-knowing, all-seeing mom seemed to be everywhere. And most of us still aren’t sure how she did it. Today, smart brand marketers know exactly how moms see what they need to see and learn what they need to know: they turn to Twitter.

Modern moms are strapped for time, which makes them hard to reach via traditional media. On Twitter, they find the entertainment, intellectual stimulation, trends, and shopping opportunities they’re looking for—served up with the convenience, relevance and authenticity that makes our platform a perfect fit for their busy lives.

You may be surprised to learn that when it comes to educating themselves about products and services, moms turn to Twitter more often than women without children. In fact, moms are 67% more likely to research products using Twitter and 45% more likely to make purchases based on Twitter. And they’re very pragmatic about why this is so.

Ads don't feel invasive on Twitter.

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It’s also worth noting that moms on Twitter engage with the platform while in a discovery mindset. They’re actively looking for information, making them more valuable as consumers than moms who aren’t on Twitter.

Moms control 77% of household purchases and Twitter moms have even greater buying power when you consider they’re 3X more likely to be high spenders of packaged food and household goods. More impressive, Twitter moms are 3X more likely to be early adopters, a highly desirable consumer segment critical to a brand’s success because of their ability to drive trial of new products. Twitter’s unbeatable targeting power helps drive these impressive statistics, boosting relevance for moms and turning Twitter into their go-to source of information. No wonder over 50% of moms use mobile throughout the purchase funnel.

of all household purchases are made by moms

more likely to research products using Twitter

more likely to be high spenders of packaged food and household goods

When you factor in how moms feel about the ads they receive on Twitter, it’s easy to see how making connections with this audience can help pave a smooth path to purchase.

From product reviews and recommendations to deal-hunting, coupon-clipping to customer service, Twitter empowers moms to be savvy consumers. Moms have long recognized this, becoming one of the most actively engaged consumer groups on Twitter. Is your brand’s social presence reaching this powerful market segment?

This post was co-authored by Jonathan Stringfield (@jstringfield).

Download the Moms Use Twitter to Make Smart Choices for Their Families infographic to learn more.

August 03, 2016
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Window shopping on Twitter: It's like having what you like personally at your fingertips."

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