Christmas 2021

Jack and James: A Christmas TV ad story

Christmas on Twitter is a time of year marked by lively conversation and lasting traditions. A big part of this time of year is the launch of Christmas TV ads, and the conversations they spark. To highlight that, we’ve created our own Christmas Ad. Please meet Jack and James, the Snowflakes. 

Like some of the best stories, this one came from a Tweet. 

When he was seven, Danann McAleer (@DanannMcAleer) was convinced he had written the perfect John Lewis (@JohnLewisRetail) Christmas ad. So last year he Tweeted the story offering it to the retailer for its 2021 campaign. 

Danann’s Tweet told the magical story of two snowflakes called Jack and James. It was full of the kind of wonder and Christmas spirit that would make #ThePerfectChristmasAd.

The brand even cheekily replied to Danann. However, it was a ‘no thanks’ from @JohnLewisRetail, which had other plans for its 2021 campaign. While this story did not become a @JohnLewisRetail ad, we enjoyed it so much that we decided to make it our Christmas ad for 2021.

As for @DanannMcAleer, his shocked and delighted reaction speaks for itself as he watched the story of Jack and James: 'I absolutely love it. It’s beautifully done,and I think it should be the start of a franchise! That’s made my day. And made my Christmas too.' 

We worked with WPP creative agency David Madrid and animation studio Passion Pictures Paris to bring to life what for us was the #ThePerfectChristmasAd. A story that started as a Tweet and sparked a conversation.

The story also highlights the complementary nature of TV and Twitter — not only around Christmas when advertisers are sharing their ads on TV and Twitter but throughout the year. 

In fact people who see a campaign on Twitter as well as on TV have double digit lifts in brand metrics throughout the funnel — including +30% Awareness, +19% Preference, and +17% Purchase Intent.

We’re excited to share this with you. Not only does it have all the ingredients of a magical Christmas story, like two snowflake’s journey through a snowy world, but it perfectly reflects what happens on Twitter at Christmas. 

The Christmas ads and the conversations they spark are one of the seasonal traditions on Twitter. The hashtag #JoinIN — started by comedian @SarahMillican75 — offers a space to chat to those feeling lonely at Christmas. Another hashtag, #DuvetKnowItsChristmas, encourages people to share their makeshift sleeping beds at in-laws or childhood homes at Christmas.

We hope you enjoy the story of Jack and James, and that it adds to the seasonal spirit on Twitter that is made by everyone who uses the platform. But don’t take our word for it.

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