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How CRED found the right pitch for cricket enthusiasts using Twitter Amplify 

Key Results


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The opportunity

From rooting for their favorite cricketers to cheering on their beloved teams. For seeking expert opinions or just for the banter, cricket fans turn to Twitter to feel closer to the game. So, when CRED (@CRED_club) wanted to increase its Share of Voice (SOV) and deepen its association with the sport, it naturally turned to #CricketTwitter.

Earlier this year, during the Indian Premier League season (@IPL), CRED launched the #CREDBounty campaign that not only provided the brand with an opportunity to connect with this passionate community of cricket fans but also to lean into the spirited discourse around this massive sporting festival. To maximise audience engagement and ensure consistent brand visibility, @CRED_club leveraged Twitter Amplify to create exclusive and informative video content with none other than the “Voice of Cricket” - Harsha Bhogle (@bhogleharsha).

The strategy

In India, Cricket is a sport that needs no introduction. And if it’s happening in Cricket, people are talking about it on Twitter. In fact, over the past year, we saw over 105.4 million Tweets about Cricket in India, making it clear that the talk continues to sweep the nation. Drawing on this insight, @CRED_club teamed up with Harsha Bhogle (@bhogleharsha) - one of the game's finest commentators and the partnership immediately sparked tremendous interest amongst cricket fans all over the world.

The campaign was divided into 2 parts: the first was built on the #CREDBounty philosophy - the brand wanted to spotlight promising young cricketers who were expected to have a “bountiful” season. Adding a unique spin to storytelling, the second leg focussed on driving excitement and enhancing brand recall. @CRED_club created over 20 “prediction” videos, with @bhogleharsha answering intriguing questions from fans, predicting answers, and giving his expert opinion about the ongoing matches. The videos were an instant hit and the fans were engaged. @CRED_club further used Amplify Pre-Roll to substantially enhance the reach of these videos to a much wider audience.

Read on to learn how the brand kept people hooked with the #CREDBounty campaign!

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Capturing audience attention with star-power 

For many cricket enthusiasts in India, @bhogleharsha’s name is synonymous with Cricket. To foster an instant connection between the brand and the sport, @CRED_club featured Harsha Bhogle, leading to a positive rub-off on the brand from the #CricketTwitter community.


Building hype through Amplify Pre-Roll

Twitter timelines and videos go hand in hand. The brand leveraged Twitter Amplify, which allowed @CRED_club to build brand relevance and find greater alignment with consumers' interests through Pre-Roll advertisements.


Tapping into key moments to spread product awareness

Cricket lives on Twitter and attracts a lot of chatter about the players, the matches and the teams. Every year, we see conversations hit new peaks during the Indian Premier League. @CRED_club participated in these conversations to generate brand awareness amongst new and existing audiences helping the brand stay top of mind throughout the 2 months.

The Success

The #CREDBounty campaign won big. Associating with one of India's most talked-about sporting events made the highly interactive campaign a raging success, generating a lot of excitement and buzz.

The campaign delivered insightful and informative content through @bhogleharsha, and the cricket lovers actively engaged with the content, generating over 32K+ likes, over 30M+ impressions and nearly 15.2M Pre-Roll video views. 

The brand also found the right pitch on Twitter generating 87% positive & neutral sentiment. The #CricketTwitter conversations helped @CRED_club increase its SoV two-folds versus that of its peers during the entire season helping the brand achieve its marketing KPIs effectively. Howzat!

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