Case Study

How Twitter helped Kraft serve #KMCforBreakfast

Key Results


increase in #KMCforBreakfast mentions compared to previous 3-day period


boxes of mac & cheese donated by Kraft to @feedthechildren


higher engagement rate compared to industry benchmarks

The opportunity 

Lockdown has been challenging for everyone, but for millions of parents lockdown hit different. Remote learning transformed family homes into homeschools and kitchens into school cafeterias. Being a parent in 2020 was truly a 24/7 job, and we’ve seen this reflected in what’s happening on Twitter: Since March 2020, there has been an 18% increase in conversation about parenting.1

Kraft recognized that these were hard times to be a parent, especially when it came time to figure out what to feed their kids to keep everyone happy.

According to Kraft, 56% of parents were serving their kids mac & cheese for breakfast more during the lockdown than in previous months.2  

For parents who were extra stressed in lockdown, Kraft had a simple message for them: In a year like 2020, there’s no shame in changing the breakfast game.

In fact, it may be the new norm.

The strategy

So how could Kraft reposition its mac & cheese as a breakfast meal for the whole family while also helping families in need? They turned to Twitter and succeeded by taking these three steps:

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Build awareness with relevant creative.

Kraft debuted its messaging with a straightforward yet effective question: Shouldn’t the first meal of the day also be the tastiest (spoiler: yes)? Combined with product-forward messaging, the post generated high engagement among parents on Twitter.



Encourage brand conversation to support a good cause.

Kraft promoted its partnership with Feed the Children, a global anti-hunger organization, by announcing on Twitter that that it would donate 10 boxes of mac & cheese to those in need for every Tweet that used the hashtag #KMCforBreakfast.



Drive engagement and conversation.

To engage parents on Twitter and inspire them to Tweet about #KMCforBreakfast, Kraft used video content and Image Conversation Cards which resulted in high reach and earned media.



Implement always-on media to reach everyday moments.

Riding the success of its #KMCforBreakfast campaign, Kraft kept the momentum going with creative messaging that offered novel solutions to the work/parenting balance, including arts and crafts project ideas like transforming a box of mac & cheese into a guitar.

The Success

Mentions for #KMCforBreakfast increased by nearly 100% compared to the previous three-day period. Engagement rates were considerably higher compared to industry benchmarks. And Kraft donated 100,000 boxes of mac & cheese to @feedthechildren as part of its campaign. 

In all, both Kraft and #KMCforBreakfast registered a 96% positive and neutral sentiment during the campaign.3

It may be too early to say that mac & cheese has become the new breakfast staple, but Kraft’s Twitter campaign certainly put it on the map, while also helping stressed-out parents feel better and launching a charitable campaign to aid those in need.

Now that’s comfort food. 


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