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How Xfinity launched its newest device on Twitter and sparked a nationwide conversation

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The opportunity

In 2018, Xfinity (@Xfinity) released its newest Wi-Fi device, the Xfinity xFi Pods. Although the xFi Pods provided superior Wi-Fi coverage compared to its competition, Xfinity needed to dimensionalize this advantage to its target audience.

Knowing that people come to Twitter to talk about what’s happening in the world, Xfinity analyzed conversations happening on the platform and recognized an important insight: nothing’s scarier than a Wi-Fi dead zone. So, in order to connect with this audience, Xfinity launched a stunt campaign on Twitter featuring its xFi Pods, leveraging Twitter’s power to connect brands launching something new with an engaged and receptive audience.

The strategy

Xfinity decided to stream an investigation of America’s most haunted house live on Twitter — powered by its xFi Pods. Using a mix of Twitter ad products, Xfinity teased the investigation, sparking anticipation amongst its audience and driving awareness of its xFi Pods.

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Tease with Promoted Video

Xfinity used Promoted Video to tease the upcoming investigation and show how the house would be outfitted with xFi Pods. 

People on Twitter scrolling through their timeline were drawn to this engaging ad format’s short video, generating excitement for the upcoming live stream.


Attract audiences with Reminder Cards

Days before the live stream, Xfinity used Reminder Cards to attract its audience to tune into the upcoming event.

Promoted within the timeline, the Reminder Card enabled audiences to schedule a push notification reminder for when the live stream began, all with a single click.


Drive conversation with a Promoted Trend

Twenty-four hours prior to the live stream, Xfinity leveraged the Promoted Trend hashtag (#ProjectDeadZone) to create a high-impact takeover on the Top Trends list on Twitter — where people go to see what’s happening. 

The #ProjectDeadZone hashtag appeared in the top trending news of the day, maximizing awareness and driving conversation around the event. With one simple click, people could see all the conversations happening around the #ProjectDeadZone hashtag.


Reveal using Live Brand Studio

Xfinity live-streamed this experience using Twitter Live Brand Studio to further drive conversation on Twitter amongst its audience, who would receive a push notification letting them know the stream was about to begin. 

With one simple swipe, people were taken to the live video experience, where they could see the investigation unfold right next to the live conversation on Twitter. 


Sustain engagement with a Video Website Card

After the event, Xfinity promoted a recap video using a Video Website Card to increase reach and drive people down funnel.

With one click, people were taken directly to Xfinity’s website to order an xFi Pod, simultaneously playing the recap video within their shopping experience. 

The success

The live stream sparked a nationwide conversation about ‎#ProjectDeadZone, resulting in 5.4M video views within 24 hours and over 24,000 cumulative hours watched. 

By leaning into Twitter’s receptive and engaged audience, Xfinity proved that launching something new on Twitter drives results.

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