Case Study

How DiGiorno earned fans’ attention and appetites during the Big Game

Key results

more mentions than a frozen competitor1

more participants on Subscription Notifications vs. previous football-themed campaign2

more mentions of DiGiorno than a leading pizza QSR brand1

increase in @DiGiorno followers in one week3

The opportunity

Ahh, the Big Game — a day filled with laughter, tears, and pizza. And while this year’s Big Game may have looked a little different, DiGiorno was on a mission to keep sports fans fed.

DiGiorno turned to Twitter to help put them at the center of the pizza conversation, and for good reason. Since people couldn’t gather in living rooms and bars to watch the game this year, Twitter was more relevant to fans’ game-watching experience than ever before. In fact, 2 in 3 people surveyed on Twitter agree that being part of the conversation on Twitter helps them feel more connected to the game.4

The strategy

So how could DiGiorno stand out among its delivery competitors on the biggest day of the year for ’za? By getting people glued to the game on TV and the action happening on their Twitter timelines by baking in a chance to win #FreeDiGiornoPi if the score hits “pi” (3-14 or 14-3).

Here’s how they brought the pepperoni-topped promotion to life.

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Drive early excitement and interest with a Promoted Trend

DiGiorno kept their brand top-of-mind with snackers and drove awareness about #FreeDiGiornoPi with a Promoted Trend in the days leading up to the Big Game.


Use Subscription Notifications to drive early engagement

Subscription Notifications opted people in to receive notifications from DiGiorno in the lead-up and on game day. Their Promoted Trend drove to the Subscription Notifications CTA so fans could take action.


Join the conversation

On game day, DiGiorno was just as invested in the action as fans. They Tweeted throughout the game to stoke excitement with fans as the score approached "pi". There was a very dramatic penalty leading into 3-14!


Activate and engage with people in real time

As soon as the score hit "pi," DiGiorno notified everyone who had opted into Subscription Notifications to claim their #FreeDiGiornoPi.

The success

Taking a page out of Twitter’s playbook, the #FreeDiGiornoPi campaign was a massive success. In fact, the campaign earned DiGiorno 23x more mentions than a frozen competitor during the Big Game weekend.

And while the people came for a slice of the action, they stayed for the brand. In just one week, @DiGiorno saw an increase of 4.4K followers. It goes to show that whether you’re sharing an experience or a slice, the best place to do it is on Twitter.

We are thrilled with the last 24 hours of DiGiorno x Twitter success (building on years of cultivating our brand’s Twitter presence).

Catherine Banton, Brand Marketing Associate, DiGiorno Communications

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