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How Chase honored the Class of 2020 with a virtual commencement on Twitter

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The opportunity

It’s no secret graduation ceremonies are so much more than students walking across the stage for a piece of paper. While the diploma is important, graduation gives students and their families the chance to celebrate years of hard work in one big, exciting moment. But this year, the pandemic had other plans. 

With graduation ceremonies either canceled or postponed, many students all across the country had to get creative to highlight their academic achievements. That’s why Chase wanted to give students the tribute they deserved and help them celebrate the major cultural moment. Plus, connecting to a cultural moment like graduation is a great time to boost cultural relevance, a factor that, according to our research, accounts for 23% of a consumer’s purchasing decision.1

When @Chase jumped in to honor the Class of 2020, what started out as a single virtual graduation event eventually sparked a virtual graduation “walk” on Twitter. Here’s how @Chase encouraged students across the country to celebrate their big day.

The strategy

To help give grads the send-off they deserve, @Chase created #ShowMeYourWalk, a two-part virtual graduation event to celebrate high school and college grads and graduates from historically Black colleges and universities. The event ran like an IRL graduation ceremony, complete with a commencement address and celebrity guests to celebrate the achievements of the nationwide Class of 2020.

Ahead of the commencement ceremony, @Chase used Tweets and Promoted Videos to build hype and anticipation around the event. Using a star-studded list of guest speakers, the brand encouraged students and their families to celebrate the Class of 2020 by sharing their graduation “walks” using the hashtag #ShowMeYourWalk.  

2020 grads took to Twitter to show off their virtual walks, and were celebrated by their friends and family via tweets that shouted them out for holding their heads high and keeping up the hard work. 

#ShowMeYourWalk: HBCU Edition featured new sets of celebrities and a day of high-profile speakers. This edition also leveraged in-feed Brand Reminders and Live Cards, which drove engagement to the Live Event Page. 

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Use reminder cards to build hype and anticipation.

In the lead-up to the livestreams, @Chase utilized brand reminders so that people could opt in to get a notification when the live events began. 


Participate in the conversation and use promoted videos to drive tune-ins.

A few days before the virtual graduation, @Chase ran Promoted Videos to encourage students to share their own graduation walks using the #ShowMeYourWalk hashtag.


Lean into a celebrity following to increase viewership.

@Chase drove awareness about the upcoming livestreams by leveraging the influence of its star-studded guest speakers, who used Tweets to share details about the events.


Launch the virtual event live on Twitter.

The commencement launched on a Live Event Page to centralize the conversation, and @Chase sent pop-up notifications to people who had opted in for the event reminder so that everyone would have time to catch the livestream commencement.


Keep the party going.

To continue celebrating the graduating class, @Chase kept the conversation top of mind after the virtual ceremony by encouraging people to keep sharing their graduation walks. 

After the live events, @Chase maintained the buzz by encouraging people to rewatch the livestreams using Video Website Cards and share their graduation walks.

The success

With special livestreams, celebrity guests, and a positive message, #ShowMeYourWalk inspired a nationwide celebration for the hard-working Class of 2020 on Twitter. 

The engagement with #ShowMeYourWalk exceeded the brand’s expectations, driving press coverage and generating 96% positive sentiment2. By connecting to such a special occasion for students and their families, @Chase created a moment of joy for their student audience while driving impact uniquely and authentically. 

This year, we worked to reimagine how we support some of life’s biggest moments. With #ShowMeYourWalk, we hoped to create a moment of joy and inspiration around the ceremonial aspects of graduating made difficult or even impossible for so many high school and college students due to the realities of the pandemic. We were thrilled how #ShowMeYourWalk connected with so many families across the country and look forward to building on this in the future.

Tracy-Ann Lim, Chief Media Officer, JPMorgan Chase & Co.


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