Best Of Tweets: Brand Bracket 2022

These brands are good at Twitter.
You decide who’s best.

It's March, and that means #BestOfTweets Brand Bracket is back — your chance to recognize the best brands on Twitter. We’ve picked 16 of our favorites that spark conversations, make us laugh, and connect to what’s happening — but now it’s time for you to decide the champ.

Starting March 14, head to @TwitterMktg to vote for your favorite to advance and ultimately be crowned the Best Brand on Twitter. Meet all the brands competing in this year’s Brand Bracket below, and see why we think they’re championship-level contenders. 

Can’t get enough of Brand Bracket? You can play along by filling out your predictions here and Tweeting them to @TwitterMktg.

Conversation Starters

These brands lead the pack by sending Tweets people can’t wait to reply to.

Conversation Starter brands - two basketball players talking

Delta ignites their fans’ wanderlust, keeping them engaged and inspired by asking about their dream destinations around the world.

From recipes to polls about people’s favorite fruits, Kroger keeps the conversation about groceries feeling fresh.

Netflix makes sure their audience has their popcorn ready, sharing content from shows and movies that keep fans ready to binge — and reply.

Pringles has mastered the art of creative prompts that fans love to answer, while keeping its brand front and center.

Iconic Mascots

These brands bring their personas to life, keeping the timeline animated with plenty of personality and relatable content.

Iconic Mascot brands - mascot of eagle wearing basketball jersey

We can all agree that a little green lizard talking about your car insurance is pretty iconic. We can’t help ourselves, we read these Tweets in a British accent.

The Sour Patch Kids bring sweetness and a little bit of mischief to the timeline, taking every opportunity to make fans a part of the fun.

Slim Jim created #LongBoiGang to rally their community and thrive in the meme-ready content culture.

Whether he’s a baby nut or an adult nut, Mr. Peanut keeps the timeline nutty. And the people go nuts for it.

Power Forwards

These brands win new fans by pushing the boundaries of cultural moments and trends.

Power Forward brands - group fans cheering in stands

Our returning champion, Xbox inspires by making the gaming world a more inclusive, friendly place while welcoming new gamers with open arms.

Bravo gives the timeline a peek behind the pop culture curtain, sharing our favorite reality TV moments and saying what we’re all thinking.

Alexa shares her unique perspective by commenting on what’s happening in culture through voice Tweets and AI-infused humor.

MTV taps into cultural conversations with fill-in-the-blank style prompts featuring people’s favorites across TV and music.

Team Players

These brands harness the power of connection through A+ community management.

Team Player brands - group of college basketball players in a huddle

Wendy’s “Roast Day” built a cult following and became an annual sensation for brands and people on the timeline.

Last year’s runner-up, Skittles lights up the timeline with colorful conversations that fans can’t wait to engage with.

With a fresh breath of quirkiness, Trident has minted a punny and relatable persona that fans immediately relate to.

Taco Bell connects with fans in relatable — and uniquely weird — ways, incorporating everything from menu offerings to cultural commentary.


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