P&G gets 3.2 million views and Mastercard launches a campaign

Two big Brazilian brands, P&G (‎@PG_Brasil) and Mastercard (‎@MastercardBR), have made their debut using Twitter's new In-Stream Video Ads in Brazil. The new format enables advertisers to associate their brand with brand-safe, high-quality content produced by select partners, such as TV broadcasters and sports leagues.

The P&G and MasterCard campaigns – created by the agencies iProspect and WMcCann, respectively – ran on the platform between November 2017 and January 2018  and produced positive results.

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With a campaign on local cable TV channel, Space, Old Spice (‎@Lobo_OldSpice) created a reality show "Em busca do homem mais corajoso" (Seeking the Bravest Man) to promote its new fragrance "Cabra Macho" (Macho Man). The project, named, "Pimp The Extreme Ninja Master Runway Chef Ink Tank Factor Has Talent Brazil", worked as a parody of several reality shows, and had five episodes.

In order to promote it, the brand used In-Stream Video Ads to reach its audience on Twitter throughout December. The Old Spice pre-roll video reached 3.2 million views with 100% viewability.

"Having another way to reach Twitter’s  influential, receptive, and attentive audience, and connect  our brand with high quality and brand-safe content at scale is a huge gain for both ourselves and the market. The In-Stream Video Ads campaign created by Old Spice (‎@Lobo_OldSpice) achieved very positive metrics, reaching 3.2 million views with 100% viewability, according to our measurement partner," said Bárbara Régis, Media Manager at P&G.


@MastercardBR ran the campaign "Cartão de embarque MasterCard" (MasterCard Boarding Card), which selected six customers by ballot to choose a trip according to the number of transactions they had on their cards.

February 05, 2018
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