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Twitter Trends in Canada

Twitter Trends in Canada

Two years + billions of Tweets = The trends in Canada you need to know

Change happens quickly. Our timelines move quicker. And how your brand keeps up is what sets it apart. We can show you where to start. 

Millions of conversations are happening on Twitter in Canada every day. And all of these Tweets add up to a much bigger picture of how our world is changing and evolving. Keep your brand at the forefront by understanding the conversations that matter. 

From Wellbeing, Creator Culture, and Everyday Wonder to Our Planet, Tech Life, and My Identity, these cultural trends and attitudes are shaping our future. 

There’s never been a more important time for your brand to connect with the evolving conversations happening on Twitter.  

Twitter’s outsized role in cultural moments and conversations drives engagement and impact for your brand. 


correlation between a brand’s cultural relevance and its purchase intent*

*Source: Kantar & Twitter cultural relevance research, total population,100 Canadian brands tested, Dec 2020. Methodology: Correlation analysis, which shows the strength of the relationship between two sets of variables. Possible value ranges are between -1.0 and 1.0.

If it’s happening in Canada, it’s happening on Twitter. Download the Conversation: Twitter Trends in Canada report PDF

March 02, 2021

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