The Conversation: The talk on Twitter is picture perfect for movie fans

May 17, 2022


We’re rolling the curtains back to see how people talk about movies

It’s showtime! Movie fans are getting hyped as entertainment options return to normal. Passionate audiences are linking up to talk about their favorite franchises, the best ways to watch new movies, and how themes from the big screen reflect real issues of the world today. 

Get the bigger picture about how movies bring people together on Twitter.

Movie conversations are becoming a bigger part of the timeline

This year, movies have been increasingly crushing the entertainment conversation as fans continue to return to the cinema and come together for major moments. People are rushing to Twitter to dish about their favorite films, growing franchises, and new releases.

Picture this: in the time it takes to watch a two-hour flick, about 18,000 new Tweets about movies will have gone up.

And audience engagement is off the charts

As conversation numbers boom, film fans are more engaged and can’t seem to get enough: running up the Retweets and Likes, generating more replies and shares for movie-related content.

To the theater or the living room? Both are getting mentioned more

Returning to movie theaters has gained massive popularity on the timeline — but not at the cost of at-home viewing, which also continues to grow. No matter where people prefer to watch, excitement for films is on the rise.

Twitter pops when the trailers drop

Enthusiasm for movies is palpable on Twitter months before the release date. So don’t wait until the premiere to connect with fans. Conversations about trailers have been increasingly hot over the past six months, with more people leaping at the chance to analyze every detail and make predictions about upcoming films. 

Films give fans a lane to engage with other cultural trends

Movies play a major role in the cultural conversation, overlapping with other major trends we've identified, including digital creators, crypto, climate change, and more. Discussions about movies are expanding to incorporate these trends, demonstrating how fans are eager to engage in new ways, and providing brands more avenues to connect with the conversation.

Twitter is a cinematic universe. Get in on the action

Movies are moving the audience on Twitter. Get your brand (and your popcorn) ready to reach out to diverse and active fans.

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