The Conversation: Coming to a (small) screen near you

October 26, 2021


TV fans on Twitter have their eyes on the screen and Tweets at the ready

These days, TV plays a huge role in popular culture and it’s clear that the small screen has a big following. But the experience of a show doesn’t stop when the episode is over — many people actively participate in the TV conversation on Twitter well after the final credits have aired. We partnered with Ad Age Studio 30 to create a special edition of the Twitter Conversation Report and uncover insights from today’s TV viewers. Let’s explore what the talk on Twitter reveals about these fans.

True passion is people on Twitter talking about TV.

People on Twitter are obsessed with TV. Six-Tweets-every-second obsessed. So by the time you get through an episode of Squid Game, there will be about 19,800 new Tweets about TV.

And these fans are glued to the conversation.

When talking about TV, people on Twitter have a lot to say, and it isn’t just passive participation— they’re replying to Tweets and taking part in conversations. They’re as actively engaged as many of us were following Daphne and Simon’s relationship on Bridgerton.

They’re watching content about the content.

There’s a surge in video views on TV-related Tweets this year compared to last. Whether it be bonus clips or reviews of their favorite shows, people on Twitter are watching.

And their interests are as varied as the fall TV lineup.

TV fans on Twitter have a lot of other interests. You won’t have to look hard to find your brand’s audience here.

TV fans are going strong on Twitter. Is your brand tuned in?

Whether they’re deep in a thread discussing that scene in The White Lotus or watching bloopers from Friends, the TV conversation is at full volume on Twitter. Is your brand streamed in for new ways to connect?

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@JaeAlizae_ "My whole twitter is just me live tweeting every movie/show I watch & I feel like this what Twitter was always made for in the first place."

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