The Conversation:
Everyday entertainment

Every day is a red carpet-sized moment on Twitter.

Award shows get the spotlight, but people on Twitter are constantly talking about all kinds of entertainment. Movies, TV, cooking, sports — they’re watching and Tweeting it all. So let’s see what the conversation on Twitter can tell us about the evolution of everyday entertainment.

The entertainment conversation on Twitter is massive

Around the clock, across the calendar, the Tweets never stop. How many? In the minute it took you to read this far, 1,700 more Tweets were sent about entertainment.

100k+ Entertainment Tweets per hour

So much to talk about

Whether debating a season finale or breaking down a recipe how-to video, the entertainment conversation is diverse, deep, and always .

Entertainment subtopics by Tweets

Tweeting more, about more

Entertainment is everywhere and ever-evolving. But follow the Tweets, and you can see the surprising places it’s going.

Trending entertainment topics, YoY

Did someone say movies? Fans are ready. Are you?

As audiences return to theaters, of course movies are a trending topic. And trailer drops are seeing a +35% bump in daily average organic video views.1 So while red carpet season may be over, there are still lots of chances for your brand to connect. Keep up with all the entertainment moments happening every day by following the conversation on Twitter.

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Manasa Venkatesan (@manasa_tara) is a US research specialist for the Audience Insights team at Twitter. In her role, Manasa delivers data-driven ideas and strategies for brands through audience and conversation insights.

Twitter Internal Data. Comparing average daily organic video views on Tweets from 3/1/20 - 12/31/20 to 1/1/21–4/21/21. US Only.

May 19, 2021

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