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Tournament time

Basketball’s back and fans are hyped. Brands should be too.

It’s that time again. Between the NBA All-Star Game and the return of the NCAA tournament, March is a hoop fan’s dream. Let’s look at the talk on Twitter and see what the excitement’s all about.

The wait is over

With the 2020 tournament canceled, basketball fans have missed out on the action for two years. All that pent up passion’s ready to be unleashed.

All-Star Weekend’s going to be

When the NBA brings all its stars together, the Tweets always fly. From the fan vote to GOAT debates, this year’s looking even bigger than last.

Hope makes a comeback

In college basketball, the tournament is everything. Without it, fans were devastated. But this year, positivity prevails.

Emojis over time, NCAA basketball conversation

No crowds, no problem

Colleges are (in)famous for their ultra-passionate fans. And they’re as loud as ever. Without in-person crowds and big parties, they’re channeling that school spirit into Tweets.

They're ready. How about you?

Welcome to basketball’s biggest month. The action’s just about to tip off. So, keep following this conversation and make sure your brand’s a part of it all.

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February 23, 2021

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