Connecting to culture

Brands are becoming more involved in culture than ever before.

The Canadian POV

There’s more to culture than you’d think. Eighty-one percent of Canadians feel culture is something other than just the traditional (including music, TV, fashion, sports, current events, and politics). 

Canadians are passionate and informed about current events (e.g., the Grammys, #TacoTuesday), trends (e.g., organic foods, healthy living), and causes and movements (e.g., climate change, equality). 

Overall, sixty-five percent of Canadians feel brands should get involved in these conversations about culture, and it’s even higher among Twitter users.

Infographic showing Canadians are more passionate about culture for events, trends and social issues & movements.

Twitter drives culture

Eighty percent of Canadians on Twitter say social media plays an important role in representing what’s happening (+31% higher than the Canadian average).

There are lots of ways Canadians feel brands can improve their relevance

  • 84% customer focus 

  • 64% staying current 

  • 80% philanthropy

What’s in it for brands?

Canadians prefer brands that are culturally relevant.

Infographic showing the relative importance on purchase decisions from Twitter.

Being involved in culture drives purchase decisions and participation in events, trends, and issues/movements can all have a major impact.

The cultural phenomenon is unique to Twitter

Cultural ads in culturally focused environments like Twitter increase willingness to pay more than standard ads. The same can’t be said about other premium websites. 

Infographic showing that ads on Twitter are +31% more emotionally stimulation and 22% more memorable.
Infographic showing Twitter delivers a higher ROI compared to other media and social channels measured.

How to tap into culture to win on Twitter

  • Do your homework: ensure you understand the conversation, and plan for what’s coming up 

  • Connect through shared passions and bring Canadians closer to the events they care about 

  • Promote trends that define today’s culture 

  • Support social issues that benefit everyone


MAGNA & Twitter “The Impact of Culture,” Canada, 2019. Online survey about brands and culture (n=501) & mobile ad effectiveness testing using ad replacement technology (n=1531)

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