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Because connecting live, in the moment, to passionate fans and big sporting moments = victory.

There’s nothing like a global sporting event to unite fans and incite passion. And there’s nothing like harnessing fans’ passion as a brand. Whether it’s the Olympic Games, World Cup, Wimbledon, the Stanley Cup, or the NBA Finals, fans turn to Twitter to find out what’s happening, in real time. As a brand, running successful campaigns that engage fans at the moment of receptivity takes planning, creativity, and spontaneity.

Key results


of sports fans follow Twitter accounts specifically to get guidance on food and drinks.

Twitter Insiders, Sep 2016, USA


of sports fans on Twitter want to see game highlights.

Twitter Insiders, Sep 2016, USA


of sports fans on Twitter like to see behind-the-scenes footage.

Twitter Insiders, Sep 2016, USA

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