Case Study

scores with Twitter campaign highlighting gender inequality in sports

Key results

The opportunity

Digital magazine and social action platform TakePart () turns to Twitter to drive distribution for its socially conscious content and drive supporters to take action on the social issue illuminated in a video via a proprietary widget (TAP) that connects content to action.

“Twitter has always been a tremendous platform for timely and powerful conversations about issues of social justice. We’ve found that when we highlight relevant stories and campaigns, the influential users from Twitter are three times more likely to take action than readers from other social platforms,” says Gillian Sheldon, senior vice president of marketing at .

To shine a light on the inequity of financial support between men’s and women’s professional sports,  partnered with Orna Drive Productions, Kennedy/Marshall, and soccer legend and Hall of Famer Julie Foudy () to create a mini-documentary that followed the journey of Christen Press (), a U.S. national team player and professional women’s soccer star whose league dissolved after funding for it disappeared.

“We wanted to show that while there are many opportunities for young women to play sports in school, post-graduation most talented female athletes have to go overseas to make a living. For women’s soccer, there is very little funding in the U.S., where ironically we have the No. 1 women’s team in the world,” says Sheldon. “Imagine you’ve spent your school years training hard to become a professional athlete, and that’s all you know, and then you graduate but cannot find a way to actually have a career and make money. That would be devastating to anyone in any field.”

 wanted to drive viewers to watch its video content about equaling the playing field for female athletes with the audience mostly likely to care and take social action.

The strategy

 used Promoted Video to connect its content to the relevant, real-time conversation around the Women’s World Cup on Twitter.

“Sports are a field that we don’t dip into typically. But Twitter was the perfect fit because we could target our content to the relevant conversation of sports fans and women’s rights supporters cheering on their favorites during the Women’s World Cup,” says Sheldon.

Share an enticing trailer.

With Promoted Video,  created a short teaser of its mini-documentary to draw people into its story and drive click-through to view the full video.

“We created the most bite-size representation for Twitter. The clip we chose was a cliff-hanger to get people interested and prompt them to want to see more,” says Sheldon.

 used a high-quality, attention-grabbing thumbnail image to give Twitter users a representative preview of the video content. It included the of the video’s starring athlete in the Tweet copy as well as its campaign hashtag () to organize the conversation around the content for Twitter users.

Align with real-time events.

To maximize engagement and relevancy,  connected its campaign directly with a popular global sporting event, the Women’s World Cup. It live-Tweeted each game with the hashtag  and combined this organic activity with Promoted Tweets to extend its message to the right audience in real time. For example, when  scored a goal in the second half of the first game,  optimized its targeting to appear at the top of search results for her name, tapping into the real-time conversation and interest in the player.

“The timing was perfect because we were able to tap into a cultural event that brought to light the social issue we wanted to highlight,” says Sheldon. “So as people were rooting for their team and favorite athletes, our content was relevant, and it was something people wanted to share and be associated with. Influencers we partnered with shared the content, and it grew and grew, making our investment go further.”

  also used Twitter emojis related to the Women’s World Cup in its Tweets.

“These emojis offered another great visual component that made Twitter users stop and pay attention. On Twitter, it can be hard to break out and get attention, so that was a huge way for us to capture interest,” says Rachel Kraus, TakePart’s social media specialist.

Target the right audience.

 used interest, keyword, and targeting to engage the Twitter users most likely to be interested in its content and inspired to take action.

“With Twitter targeting, we were able to nail down Twitter users who had been fans of women’s soccer for a long time as well as Twitter users who were just entering the conversation around the World Cup,” says Bryn Jura, TakePart’s media manager. “We were able to connect our content with sports fans and Twitter users similar to these fans as they were talking about women’s soccer. That was the best way to create action.”

The success

With Promoted Video,  drove a 13% engagement rate, 912,000 impressions, and an average cost per view of $0.11.

Twitter users spent an average time per visit on the  site of 3:33 minutes — 48% higher than other visitors. Twitter users also spent more time on the site engaging in "An Equal Playing Field" content than visitors who had opted into the  newsletter.

With Promoted Video, we were able to cut through all the noise around an event that was of global interest and connect with Twitter users, who were particularly vocal about sharing our message and supporting the cause of women’s equality in pro sports.

Gillian Sheldon, Senior Vice President of Marketing, TakePart

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