Case Study

Smasco builds positive brand connections with Twitter sponsorship

Key results

The opportunity

With the need for healthy meals being a key feature of the Ramadan season, Saudi Arabian personnel provider SMASCO () spotted an ideal opportunity to use a new approach to promote its brand and reach new audiences on Twitter.

The strategy

Using Twitter’s In-Stream Video Sponsorship, partnered with popular content creator Fatafeat () to share recipe videos with Twitter followers through a fun, educational campaign that lasted the month of Ramadan.

Sponsored by and promoted by (), the instructional videos demonstrated easy-to-follow recipes for tasty breakfasts and evening meals, to keep people healthy and satisfied during Ramadan.

The videos also included promotional information about and its services, alongside and a call to action to download the company’s mobile app, which helped boost brand awareness and build stronger engagements across Twitter.

Build meaningful connections.

By sponsoring high-quality, engaging content, increased the relevance of its brand messages and connected with audiences on a more meaningful level.

Leave a lasting impact.

Thanks to the fun and educational nature of the campaign, left a lasting impact with audiences by building positive engagement.

Reach people through native advertising.

With Twitter sponsorship, boosted reach and engagement through a Promoted Tweet as audiences interacted with content.

The success

With its In-Stream Video Sponsorship campaign, successfully harnessed a new advertising approach by partnering with a custom content creator to build positive brand connections. The campaign generated 8.5M video views and a view rate of 45.2%, while the cost per view was just SAR 0.02. Engagement was also extremely high, as the campaign achieved 24 times more follows and 4.8 times more Likes than other Promoted Video campaigns. 

Running campaigns with third parties is an effective way to advertise, but finding the right partner can be difficult. Twitter made it easy, thanks to its links with well-known content creators. Like our past Twitter campaigns, we expected good results, but these results exceeded all expectations.”

Sultan Aljeraisy (), Director, Saudi Manpower Solutions Company

Solutions used

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