Case Study

Samsung Turkey transforms a teen TV star and blogger into its brand ambassador

Key results

The opportunity

Samsung Turkey () wanted to use the strong connection between Twitter and TV to align its brand with TV star Eylül Buluter () and to position itself as the perfect lifestyle companion.

The strategy

had made Eylül Buluter of the popular teen drama Medcezir the voice of its campaign, and it highlighted Samsung usage in different scenarios to position itself as a fashionable accessory.

also celebrated the launch of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge at the "Next is Now” event. Eylül gave her fans the chance to join her on an exclusive New Year's shopping trip by sharing photos of their personal style, using the hashtag (). When promoting ’s Tweets, targeted followers interested in fashion and TV, particularly Medcezir.

Steps to success

1. Drive engagement using the right targeting.

used TV targeting, a new feature in the Turkish market, to reach a highly engaged audience Tweeting about and interacting with content around the popular TV show Medcezir. It combined different targeting opportunities to ensure that the content reached the right audience. This included including related to various TV series and popular TV characters as well as such interests as fashion and music.

2. Create the right hashtag to tie your campaign together.

Having analyzed conversations on the platform, used the hashtags () and () in order to drive engagement. Using memorable and bespoke hashtags allowed Samsung to easily own and organize relevant conversations.

3. Use Website Cards to drive traffic.

used clickable Website Cards to drive relevant traffic to the blog posts by combining engaging images and a clear call-to-action.

The sucess

Eylül’s New Year’s shopping contest recorded an average engagement rate of 26%, more than 700,000 impressions, and 116,000 visits via Website Cards.

saw engagements rise to a peak  53%, and realised 327,000 impressions, an all-time high for the brand.

Finally, Eylül’s call-to-action Tweet received more than 42,000 clicks and a 16% engagement rate, spurring 800 people to generate content around the hashtag.

We’ve designed our content strategy via Twitter’s real-time capabilities and targeting options, which aim to ensure stronger engagements with consumers by using our lifestyle products to leverage premium brand image."

Neslihan Akın, Digital Marketing Assistant Manager, Samsung Electronics Turkey

Solutions used

Website traffic & conversions

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Audience targeting

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